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"I consider trial by jury as the only anchor ever yet imagined by man, by which a government can be held to the principles of its constitution."
- Thomas Jefferson -

"Trial by jury is the palladium of our liberties. I don’t know what a palladium is, but I am sure it is a good thing!"
- Mark Twain -
Jury Trials in the Covid Era
By:Bob Brown

Texas is currently one of the hot spots with respect to Covid, and Houston in Harris County, is one of the hottest spots in Texas. Positivity rates are over 20% in Texas. Houston ICUs are at 100% capacity. The county judge has requested everyone to “stay home and stay safe”.
By: Jack Buchanan

In the first edition of this magazine on April 20, 2020, we talked about the importance of knowing the truth, no matter where it might lead, as a prerequisite to making important decisions. As lawyers, we were trained in law school in the science of discovering the truth in our evidence classes and memorized the “Rules of Evidence” that we had to have on the tips of our tongues if we hoped to be successful in the courtroom trying law suits. 
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The Primerus Optimistic Index
Primerus remains at a 5 on the optimistic scale. Please participate in the survey so we can report on your collective opinion as well. Last week our readers were at an 8. The virus results are showing no significant improvement and are likely to get worse, according to the medical experts, during the next three months. It is unlikely that the U.S. administration will change course between now and the election. The good new is that the stock market continues to remain high recovering almost completely it losses from the crash in March.
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Be the Primerus Resource
By: Katie Bundyra

I hate to start another Primerus article with the sentiment – during these unprecedented times – but to be honest, what hasn’t changed because of this pandemic? Nonetheless, many of you are finding yourself in positions at the firm where you never have been.
Good People Doing Good Things
By: Chad Sluss

As I look at what’s happening in the world with the COVID situation, businesses evolving to survive, families adjusting to a “new normal,” I observe one constant – Primerus members continually give back and support those in need within their local communities.
August 25th - The Tri-Partite Relationship

The tri-partite relationship is a relationship that exists among the insured, the insurer, and panel counsel in handling claims and litigation. While an attorney hired by an insurance company to defend an insured has an ethical and professional obligation to defend that insured, a relationship still exists with the insurer as well. This webinar focuses on the ethical implications of this relationship, with a discussion of selected ethics rules and case law to provide a better understanding of the obligations it puts upon insurers and attorneys.
September 10th - The Ethical Hurdle: How Technology is Changing the Way We Practice Law & What You Need to Know

In this highly engaging and interactive fireside chat, you will learn about why lawyers have substantial ethical responsibilities in an ever evolving world of technology, how the Rules and our obligations have been impacted, and what we now must know in order to effectively litigate a matter, protect our Clients' most important information and build for them a better tomorrow.
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"Phibbs & Kahns"
Morning Coffee with Friends

Join us next week for Coffee and Conversation. We are honored and pleased that Jerome Weitzel of Kozacky, Weitzel McGrath, P.C. in Chicago, Illinois will be hosting our C&C next week. In order to keep the conversation manageable, we must limit it to 15 attendees so that everyone can participate. We will do this on a first come basis. If you cannot do it this week, then please put your name in for a future “Coffee and Conversation.”

Monday, August 24th - 10:00 AM EDT/2:00 PM GMT

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