Jan. 13th
1.   Watoto Children's Choir From Uganda at Memorial SATURDAY NIGHT!
You will not want to miss this special concert, January 19 th  at 5:00PM in Maxwell Hall! The Watoto Children’s Choirs have travelled the world since 1994, sharing a message of hope for Africa’s orphans and widows. Each child in the Watoto Children’s Choir has suffered the loss of one or both parents and now lives in a Watoto village. The experience of travelling on a choir helps the children to develop confidence and boldness and broadens their worldview. Other than going to Africa, what better way to learn about all the good work God is doing through Watoto than by meeting the children and hearing their stories? Learn more about Watoto at watoto.com.
2.Confirmation Informational Meeting for Youth and Adults, Sunday
 Confirmation is a time to explore your faith and confirm, or re-confirm, yourself as a follower of Jesus. Classes go through core beliefs of the Christian faith and focus on the history of Methodists and our distinct theology. Memorial offers two parallel classes. One for youth (6th grade and older) and one for adults. Both classes will begin on January 27 th  at 3:30PM. There will be an informational meeting on January 20 th  at 12:15PM in the Multipurpose Room. Contact Pastor Drew or Pastor Carrie with questions. To register CLICK HERE.
Dinner Wednesday this week is pork roast with gravy. Download the weekly menu HERE.
3. POV Workshop: Reschedule to allow time for RSVPs!
Please RSVP your spot today for this important Workshop!
There have been many people asking for another POV workshop. Another has been scheduled for Sunday, FEBRUARY 17th from 9:30AM- 3:30PM in the Multipurpose Room. If you missed the opportunity to take this workshop in June be sure to sign up to take in January!
The POV: Point of View Experience is a one-day workshop that makes space for engaging difficult conversations through the lens of empathy, context, and mission. POV is a space where you can bring your thoughts, questions, and emotions without the fear of being judged or coerced. POV was designed with help from the Florida Annual Conference to help prepare for the ongoing work and conversation around the Way Forward. You can learn more about the Way Forward at umc.org/wayforward .
Lunch will be provided, and childcare will be available upon request. To learn more, contact Pastor Carrie . RSVP is required, please contact the church office.

  Just Three Things is a quick highlight of three things you can do to serve, learn, study, or grow with Memorial this week. For more information, look for our detailed E-News in your inbox every Friday morning, visit our website mumconline.com ,  check us out on Facebook, or call 904-261-5769.