October 27th
1.Come to our Concert With A Cause: “ChoRuss” Russian Choral Ensemble,
Nov. 3rd

The "ChoRuss" Russian Ensemble was founded in 2012 and is currently touring through Europe and the United States. This 4-person ensemble performs a cappella, as is the tradition of the Russian Orthodox Church. After Taize, Next Sunday, come hear them sing sacred Russian music and Russian folk & Christmas songs at 7:00PM in the Sanctuary. The concert is free. A love offering will be collected for Campus to City Wesley, our area’s college ministry.

2. Three Weeks Until Fall Festival!  
Are You In??
Tailgate Tents! Do you have a tailgate tent that you can let the church borrow on November 16th? Please let Pastor Drew know.
Donations: Can you give a monetary donation to help us with Fall Festival? Checks may be made out to Memorial with "Fall Festival" in the memo section .
Volunteers: Can you help us on November 16th to bring joy to our community and make Memorial’s event a success? There’s a job for everyone’s talents and abilities! Sign up by emailing RSVP@mumconline.com or call the church office. We’ll be wearing our #LoveShowsUp shirts at the Festival. If you have not yet gotten one, they are available to everyone in the Partin Center!

3. Come to Taize Worship Next Sunday
Looking for a peaceful, personal way to worship and listen for God's voice? Come to Memorial’s Taizé next Sunday, Nov. 3 rd at 6:00PM. This calm, centering worship is held in the Sanctuary of our sister church, Trinity. The special music this month is Terry Thrift on the classical guitar.
  Just Three Things is a quick highlight of three things you can do to serve, learn, study, or grow with Memorial this week. For more information, look for our detailed E-News in your inbox every Friday morning, visit our website mumconline.com ,  check us out on Facebook, or call 904-261-5769.