Your October Business Updates
Did you know there are just 92 days left before we ring in 2019?

This is a great time to put together some end-of-year workshops for old-year assessment and new year planning!
End of Year Planning:
Business Planning Tips for 2019
With the fourth quarter kicking in, it’s time to hunker down on 2019 business planning.

Here are some End-of-Year Playbooks to help you tie up any loose ends and get a running start for the coming year:

Host an End of Year Meeting
You’ve done all the groundwork and you're ready to do some business planning for the coming year. That means that you are going to: (1) Set next year's goals; (2) Prepare an action plan or plans; (3) Start implementing your action plans.
A meeting is like a delicate eco-system—all the participants and amenities have to be in perfect balance for your workshop, training session, or presentation to reach its greatest potential. To make the best impression, reserve a private and professional conference room in the heart of downtown Salisbury with comfortable furniture, high-speed Internet, state-of-the-art presentation equipment, near-by catering services, and anything else you need to produce your most impressive meeting.
The SBC has (3) conference rooms available for your year-end planning: The 76-seat Salisbury Auditorium; the 14-seat Main Street Conference Room; and the SBC Daily Office - a key person space with flexible seating. Call 704.209.4589 to learn more!
Consider a grant incentive!
The State, County and local communities offer competitive incentives to help relocate or expand your business. These incentives combined with Rowan County’s ideal location, concierge approach to business development, and dedicated workforce are the reasons why so many companies call Rowan County home. These targeted, performance-based incentive programs help companies that are locating and doing business in Rowan County by lessening the tax burden and lowering overall costs to the company.
If your business is located in downtown Salisbury, you have additional grant opportunities:
Innes St. Improvement Grants and MSD Incentive Grants

These City of Salisbury grant programs assist property and business owners within the Innes Street Improvement District and/or the Downtown Municipal Service District with enhancements to building façades, landscapes, and parking lots.

These projects can range from minor repairs and repainting to substantial façade and landscape rehabilitation projects, or installation of new pedestrian amenities: outdoor seating, planters, awnings, café fences, and lighting.
Downtown Revitalization Incentive Grant

Downtown Salisbury Revitalization Incentives Grants promote economic growth within the Downtown Municipal District, offering a maximum grant of $200,000.00 in support of projects that will rehabilitate downtown buildings.

The program includes (4) grants, any of which may be utilized by a developer depending on the scope of the project for which assistance is being requested, including Building Renovation, Residential Production, Residential Utilities, and Fire Suppression grants.
Applicants may submit for these grant initiatives at any time, however funds are limited each year, starting July 1st, awarded for eligible projects as funds are available.
The 43rd Annual OctoberTour™ is Coming
OctoberTour is one of the oldest annual historic home tours in the South and has featured more than 200 houses and historic properties in Salisbury and Rowan County. OctoberTour features historic houses of varying sizes, complexity and architectural styles, telling the stories of those whose lives and labors have shaped the character and the historic fabric of this community.

Thursday, October 11th: Annual Patron's Party launches weekend festivities
Friday, October 12th: The OctoberTour Luncheon
Saturday, October 13th: OctoberTour 10:00am-5:30pm
Saturday, October 13th: Plein Air Artist 's reception 5:00pm-7:00pm on the Spencer Library Park Lawn 
Sunday October 14th: Tour runs from Noon-5:30.

LIVE FREE ENTERTAINMENT all day Saturday-Sunday at the Spencer Library Park.
Salisbury Business Center | (704) 209-4589 | receptionist@integro.com