Recipe for the Perfect Summer!
Everyone has their own recipe for a great summer. Some people want lots of family time, others want lots of "me-time", some want complete relaxation, while still others want to be active all day long. Of course there's no right or wrong, but adding water makes any summer better! Kayaking and paddleboarding are great activities for bringing your family together to make memories that will last all year. Or you can paddle away from the crowds, searching out quiet cuts and creeks to explore. You can paddle hard for a work-out or take it easy and enjoy the scenery. Adventure seekers can skim across the bay on a sailboat or paddle the swells of the ocean. Those that treasure tradition can find in it annual outings to familiar shorelines. Some seasons are so complicated - gifts, long underwear, fancy meals...but creating a summer masterpiece is easy - just add water!
We hope to see you soon!
Mitch & Jen
Summer Hours

We are open for rentals 7 days/week from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (last boat out at 5:00 pm). We don't take reservations for rentals - you can show up any time!
We offer guided tours daily. Departure times vary and reservations are required. Click here to see our upcoming schedule!
A Computer with a View

Expansive views of Little Assawoman Bay from the comfort of your computer! Pull up our webcam when you've got the Monday blues, or if your trying to decide whether it's a good day for paddling or sailing, or if you need to feel like your back on vacation. Feel free to wave from your end, maybe we'll even wave back!
It's Your Turn!

If you'd like to rent a sailboat at Coastal Kayak you'll have to have some sailing experience and be able to answer some basic sailing questions. One of those questions is: "What's the safest way to turn the sailboat?"
You can turn a sailboat either towards where the wind is coming from or away from the wind. Read more...

(If you'd like to learn more, sign up for a sailing lesson! You can now book sailing lessons on-line!)
Tough Way to Catch a Meal!

One of the birds we have been seeing more this summer than in the past is the Black Skimmer. The skimmer is in the tern family and has some very unique traits.
First of all it is the only bird in North America to have a larger lower mandible than upper mandible. The skimmer uses this trait to catch fish by skimming the surface of the water while dragging it's lower mandible in the water. If it senses a fish it will snap shut it's upper bill catching the prey. The skimmer's lower mandible grows much faster than the upper to make up for the constant friction placed on it while skimming. The lower mandible is also hinged so that if hits something solid it can bend back without causing any harm.
Skimmers, like many coastal species, lay their eggs in a small depression in the sand which makes them susceptible to habitat disturbance by humans and other animals. They also nest in colonies that if disturbed during nesting season can greatly reduce the number of successful hatchlings.
We've been seeing the skimmers on our Burton's Island Wildlife Tour. Many times they travel along the shoreline following the contours of the land. Watching the skimmer slicing though the water is a truly inspiring sight!  

Belle modeling our "Adventure Awaits" tank top
Order a Little Piece of Coastal Kayak!

Did you get home without the perfect souvenir? Or maybe you've determined that your wardrobe isn't complete without a shirt that says "Little Assawoman Bay" on it. You can shop in our e-Store anytime, 24/7! And in a couple of days we'll have our new T-shirt design - "Life on Little Assawoman Bay". We can't wait for you to see it!

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