January 14th, 2022 | Just Arrived...Beautiful New Houseplants!
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Huge New Shipment Of Beautiful Houseplants
Peperomia: The Official Houseplant of 2022
Peperomia plants belong to the pepper spice family (not the fruiting varieties), called Piperaceae. However, peperomia houseplants are not edible, but what they lack in flavor they make up for in diverse good looks. Peperomia plants stay small (no more than 12-18" tall), and they come in red, green, purple, cream, and grey.
Green Ripple
Napoli Nights
Schumi Red
String Bean
Chinese New Year: Plants For Luck & Prosperity
Chinese New Year is February 1st (Year of the Tiger), and we have the good luck plants you'll want to give and get for a year of good fortune. We have just received new bamboo shoots, Jade plants, Pilea money plants, Pachira aquatic money trees, tropical orchids, and more. These always sell out fast, so please shop early!
Bamboo Shoots
Jade Plant
Money Tree Plant
New Shipment Of Houseplants For Every Room
We have also started receiving a wide variety of other houseplants that you can enjoy growing while it's still cold outside. Lindsay, our houseplant guru, ordered some charming varieties this year, and they will not disappoint! From tiny Hoya Kerrii hearts to large Spathiphyllum lilies, we have the perfect plant for every room!
Dragon Tail
Spath Sensation
Zebra Plant
Pineapple Bromeliad
Hoya Kerrii Hearts
Dieffenbachia Camo
Beautiful & Fragrant Winter Flowering Shrubs
Our selection of cold-weather flowering shrubs will provide you with years of color and fragrance to your winter garden. Camellia sasanquas and Camellia japonicas will definitely make a statement with their large and brightly colored flowers that bloom in fall and/or winter (depending on the variety). For amazing fragrance, our Daphne Odoras and Edgworthias will smell as sweet as their winter flowers look.
Camellia Sasanquas
Daphne Odoras
Winter Is A Great Time To Plan For Spring Planting!
*Please note that plants sell out quickly and some varieties may not be available all week.