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One of the unique (and fun!) privileges of helping folks find and sell equipment is getting to know a wide variety of manufacturers. Today it's our pleasure to focus on the globally celebrated Ishida Co, founded in Japan in 1893. One of their earliest hallmarks, constant sensitivity automatic scales, was introduced in 1933, the same year as the original King Kong movie and the start of construction on San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge. Ishida's not only seen history, it's helped make history!

Today we welcome you to explore our Ishida inventory by starting with our Ishida Multihead Weigher, detailed below as this week's featured machine. If you're interested and would like more info, please reach out for a quote!

We also invite you to take a look at our full inventory listing at our website. As your equipment butler, we are always delighted help you find what you need.

Ishida Multihead Weigher

Ishida produced their first multihead weigher in 1972, a development that, alongside its other systems, has helped propel it to today's global market dominance.

Our 2018 model, pictured here, is a Computer Combination Weigher (CCW), and as part of the RV series, is famous for its highly accurate weighing and excellent responsiveness to smaller target weights. This machine has 16 heads and comes with a dimple style bucket. It is in good condition. Contact us for more information!

Request a Quote: Ishida Multihead Weigher

Ishida Multihead Weigher

Model CCW-R-214W -1S/30 WP. In good condition.

Request a Quote: Ishida Multihead Weigher

Multihead Scale System

10-head Dimple Multihead combination scale, complete.

Request a Quote: Multihead Scale System

Hayssen Bagger with Ishida Scale

Hayssen VFFS with Ishida Scale, in good condition.

Request a Quote: Hayssen Bagger w Ishinda Scale 

14 Head Ishida Scale

Model CCW-RZ-214W-S/30-WP. Comes with many spare parts.

Request a Quote: 14-Head Ishida Scale

10 Head Ishida Scale

Damaged screen, but otherwise in good condition.

Request a Quote: 10 Head Ishida Scale

10 Head Ishida Scale

Second of two available, also in good condition. A new screen is recommended for this one as well.

Request a Quote: 10 Head Ishida Scale

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