Here Is A Song For Your Seder
As a thank you to our subscribers, we would like to exclusively share with you a new music video--"Let's have a little chat." written and performed by Aspen Jacquet and produced by Peter Prestrud of Alarm Clock Films--both of them seniors at Jackson Hole High School.

Happy Earth Day!
This Earth Day, let's remember that millions of people are living in polluted areas where they are smoking the equivalent of a pack or more of cigarettes each day merely because they cannot say no to breathing. We can act to fix this! 
Vienna Medical Association Issues Cell Phone Guidelines
" Make calls as short and little as possible - use a landline"

Show me the bodies: A monumental public policy failure
Oxford University Press publishes Devra Davis' piece on air pollution and breast cancer. READ IT HERE
Cell Phone and Wireless Technology Safety Tips
Check out UC Berkeley's Dr. Moskowitz new printable  flyer.

You Can Make A Difference