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Industry Updates:

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Ossining Project Features Deeper BoreholesNadia Galindo – News 12 Westchester – Governor Hochul recently signed into law a measure that will make it easier and less expensive to drill geothermal boreholes deeper than 500 feet where it is environmentally responsible to do so. Subsequently, Dandelion Energy is drilling 600-foot boreholes at a 109-unit affordable housing project in Ossining, allowing the developer to heat and cool the building with seven fewer boreholes than would otherwise have been needed. NY State Senator Pete Harckham, the bill’s sponsor, held a press conference to highlight the project and tout the advantages of the deeper boreholes. The press conference included William G. Balter, president of WBP Development, NY-GEO Board Members Zach Fink, owner of ZBF Geothermal, and Heather Deese, Sr. Director Policy & Regulatory Affairs at Dandelion Energy and NY-GEO Staffers Christine Hoffer and John Rath.  Senator Harkham noted "Geothermal is by far the most efficient form of heating and cooling". Reporter Nadia Galindo called this project “the intersection of sustainability, environmental remediation and housing affordability”. Link to the 2-minute news report here and to Fink’s interview on drilling deeper here.

Heather Deese of Dandelion Geothermal speaks at the press conference. Standing directly behind Deese are Senator Harckham (L) and Mr. Balter (R). Also shown to the far left are Christine Hoffer, NY-GEO’s ED and Zach Fink, NY-GEO Board Member.

Comprehensive Clean Energy Workforce Plan for New York – Adam FlintNY Network for a Sustainable Tomorrow (NEST) – “New York has the nation's most ambitious climate law, but it doesn't have a plan to create a workforce to do the work . The Climate Education and Clean Energy Careers Act would change that by creating an interagency + stakeholder working group to create and oversee the implementation of a plan, and mandate a comprehensive statewide assets and needs study in this sector. The bill is sponsored by Assemblywoman Anna Kelles and Senator Lea Webb, and will be introduced this month. Your memo of support will help get it across the finish line! Contact Adam Flint for more information.” 

Senator Webb and Assembly Member Kelles


15 Injured, Some Critically, After Gas Explosion and Building Collapse In Wappingers Falls - Sara Smart Smart, CNN – “At least 15 people were injured after a gas explosion and fire on Thursday afternoon in the Village of Wappingers Falls, New York.  Five of the individuals are first responders – one firefighter and four police officers – and of the other 10, eight are adults and two are children, Wappingers Falls Police Commissioner Paul Italiano said at a news conference on Thursday evening.  The injured were stuck underneath the rubble of the collapsed building after the explosion and crews worked to remove them and transported them to hospitals."  Thanks to NY-GEO member Joanne Coons for this tip.  Article link here.

$12M for Heat Recovery in NY Buildings – NYSERDA press release - "Governor Kathy Hochul today announced the $12 million Heat Recovery Program to modernize buildings in New York State… NYSERDA will provide up to a 75% cost share, with maximum awards of $40,000 for the production of heat recovery opportunity assessments, and $80,000 for the development of design and construction plans for heat recovery projects. Heat recovery projects will include the capture and transfer of rejected heat to lower the energy used by other systems, such as heat rejected and captured from cooling and dehumidification, ventilation exhaust, or wastewater processes. Low-to-moderate income multifamily housing is eligible for up to 100% cost share, and NYSERDA will dedicate $3 million of the total funding exclusively for projects in low-to-moderate multifamily housing buildings." Press release link here.

Montreal Bans Use of Gas for New Building Construction Rachel Lau – CTV News Montreal – “The bylaw is part of the city's 2020-2030 climate plan, which includes a road map to zero-emission buildings by 2040…The regulation will apply as of Oct. 1, 2024 for the new construction of small buildings and as of Apr. 1, 2025 for large buildings. A few weeks ago, the municipality of Prévost in the Laurentians became the first town in Quebec to ban the installation of gas systems in new homes." Thanks to Diverso Energy Digest for this tip. Link to article and 2 minute video here.

National Fuel Requests 13.7% Hike in Delivery Rates – Matt Glynn - Buffalo News –National Fuel is seeking a 13.7% increase in its delivery rates, in a proposal that would raise an average residential customer’s bill by about $11.31 per month…National Fuel spends about $100 million a year on system upgrades, including removing and replacing older, ‘leak-prone’ pipes. That particular inventory of pipes is being replaced at the rate of about 110 miles a year, with a targeted completion date of 2035.” Article link here. A second Buffalo News article this week detailed that lower methane gas prices are “putting the squeeze” on National Fuel Gas Co., the parent company which runs both the utility and company’s supply division that has extensive drilling operations in Pennsylvania and elsewhere.

National Fuel CEO David Bauer


“Natural Gas” or Methane ? – It’s all About the Branding – Emily Atkin – Heated – “The fossil fuel industry has spent years marketing ‘natural gas’ as a risk-free product — but in reality, methane is 80x more potent than CO2.”  Thanks to Caleb Heeringa at Gas Leaks for this tip.  Video link here.

CEO Brags on GE Appliances as Energy Management Systems – Kevin Nolan - Green Builder – 3 minute read – “Our invention lets energy companies communicate with our products to use electricity when solar is more readily available, charge water heaters to store energy during off-peak hours, and delay defrost or ice cycles in our refrigerators for a few hours to a time when energy grid consumption is lower–all without comprising the consumer experience…Our innovation process also led to some significant product launches that are hitting the market now. Our one-and-done GE Profile Ultrafast Combo is the industry’s first combination washer and dryer that allows you to wash and dry a load of clothing in one unit in about two hours…and we’re responding to consumer demand for efficiency by launching 14 new, induction cook tops this year across our Monogram, CAFÉ, and GE Profile brands.”  Article link here.

GE profile 4.8 Cu. ft. Capacity Ultrafast Combo Ventless Heat Pump Technology Washer/Dryer  

Climate Protesters Arrested Outside of NY City Hall Amidst FBI Raid on Mayor’s Campaign Fundraiser Dean Moses – The Villager –An array of climate activists were cuffed yesterday afternoon for blocking the entrance to City Hall in an act of pushback against Adams amidst news that a top fundraiser has been raided by authoritiesActivists rallied outside of City Hall with banners and signs to demand Adams make a turnabout on the reported slashing of Local Law 97, which currently ensures Big Apple buildings adhere to strict guidelines and do not produce extensive gas emissions and contribute to climate change.” Article link here.

How Do People Lower Their Carbon Footprint?Michele Lerner - Green Builder – “The U.S. goal to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050 will transform every aspect of the economy. Find out what individuals and companies are doing right now to lower their carbon footprint.” Thirty one percent (31%) said “Converting Home to All-Electric”. Article link here.

Hochul & Adams Announce Induction Stove Challenge - "Governor Kathy Hochul and Mayor Eric Adams today announced that New York State is partnering with New York City to launch the Induction Stove Challenge through the release of a request for proposal calling on appliance manufacturers to design and produce energy-efficient, induction stoves to replace existing gas stoves while avoiding costly electrical upgrades in New York City Housing Authority buildings.  NYCHA, the New York Power Authority, and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority first announced the competitive innovation challenge in July, which promises to ultimately lead to the deployment of 10,000 induction stoves in NYCHA apartments." NYSERDA press release link here.

Bronx resident Maria Reger with an induction stove. Photograph: We Act for Environmental Justice


Fracking Halted: Can Gas Wells Be Converted to Heat Buildings? – “In England’s North Yorkshire, locals opposed a fracking project vigorously enough to get the whole thing canceled, but the almost 2-mile deep borehole had already been made. Rather than simply letting it lie as an ugly testament to the picket line, Third Energy converted it into a geothermal heating station prototype that could heat 300 homes in the village of Kirby Misperton if commercially developed… At 2 miles (below ground level) , the rock is very hot, and Third Energy can pump water to those depths to heat it up naturally before drawing it back up to the surface and using it to power home radiators and water heaters.” Thanks to Maureen Maliszewski for this tip. Article link here.

Abandoned gas well


Talking Heads Themed Halloween Heat Pump Costume - Sarah Lazarovic, Head of Communications, Creative, and Consumer Engagement, Rewiring America – “For the Talking Heads super fans out there, and because being a heat pump wasn’t niche enough, I decided to be a Talking Head Pump this Halloween."  Link to 30 second video here

Cooking Gas Shut Off for Low-Income Co-ops in NYC – Samantha Maldonado – The City – Changes to local laws have resulted in ramped up inspections on gas pipes and subsequent shutoffs for Housing Development Fund Cooperative (HDFC) co-ops.  Lack of money has prevented repairs, and there are few options for financial help. One path being considered is forgoing gas replacement/repairs and transitioning to electric cooking (e.g., induction stoves). Article link here.

Natural Gas Is Way Worse Than Coal - Kate Aronoff – The New Republic – “Natural gas may be worse for the world than coal, but it’s got two important things on its side: the word natural and the seemingly unconditional support of the United States government.  Preliminary research by Cornell University’s Robert Howarth, reported in The New Yorker by this week, finds that ‘natural’ (methane) gas may be 24 percent worse for the climate than coal in the best-case scenario.  That’s thanks to extensive methane leaks at just about every stage of its production, from drilling to transportation.” Thanks to Bill Martin from California GEO for this tip. Article link here.

Maine To Vote on Replacing For-Profit Utilities – Julian Spector – Canary Media – A November 7th ballot initiative will offer voters a chance to revoke the licenses to operate held by the state’s two for-profit, investor-owned utilities, and transfer assets to Pine Tree Power (PTP), a new publicly-owned, nonprofit utility. PTP would accelerate the clean energy transition in at least two ways: the active lobbying against solar policy by the existing utilities would be curtailed; and PTP would prioritize preparing the grid to deal with climate change instead of prioritizing the kinds of investments that make the most money for shareholders. Article link here.

Contractor's Corner:

Cooperative Advertising & Training for Clean Energy PartnersNYSERDA’s Cooperative (Co-op) Advertising and Training Program for Clean Energy Partners provides cost-sharing incentives to support advertising, special promotions and/or events, including training, for eligible clean energy technologies including cold-climate air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps, and energy efficiency (i.e. air sealing and insulation). The co-op advertising and training funds can be used to promote industry focused advertising and manufacturer-led sales, design and/or installation training. This program promotes the benefits and available offers to drive the adoption of Clean Energy. Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis dependent on funding availability through December 31, 2024 or until all funds are committed. For Additional Details and Associated Documents Visit: PON 4482 Solicitation Detail Page."

Climate Updates:

‘It’s Like Our Country Exploded’: Canada’s Year of Fire – David Wallace-Wells - NY Times Magazine – “It was, all told, an ecologically unprecedented event. By the end of September, more than half of the world’s countries could fit inside the land burned this year in the Canadian wilderness. Since the 1970s, the average area burned in the country had already doubled; this year, wildfires consumed that average six times over.” Thanks to author Bill McKibben for this tip. Article link here.

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*2023 11 07 A2L Refrigerants – Noon ET - Johnston Supply – “Join us to learn more about upcoming A2L Refrigerants. What they are, when you’ll see them, best practices, and what will look new in A2L equipment. Hosted by ESCO Institute and with a panel of industry experts including Arkema, Copeland, Chemours.” Register here.

2023 11 08 – IGSHPA Town Hall with John Freitag – 11:30 am ET – Speaker: John Freitag of Geothermal Association of Illinois, Topic: Illinois geothermal “group buy” programs, changing the way GSHPs being promoted and sold. Register here.

2023 11 08 – Geothermal Economics: Understanding and Leveraging the Inflation Reduction Act – 2:00 pm ET – Green Builder - Speaker: Joe Parsons, Senior Marketing Sustainability Manager for Climate Control Group ”This session provides an explanation of how to leverage IRA Tax Credits up to 50% for the installation of geothermal systems for commercial building owners and 30% for homeowners. Understand how to maximize accelerated depreciation deductions and government rebates for nonprofit entities.” Register here.

* New link 2023 11 09 - Renewable Heat Now November Power Hour – 7:00-8:00 pm ET – Renewable Heat Now (RHN) is organizing intensively for NY’s transition to clean, fossil-fuel free heating. Join RHN for its monthly Power Hour, a strategy meeting designed to inspire and inform. All are welcome to attend, and if you’re new to the movement for renewable heat, these meetings are a great place to learn and get plugged in! Register here.


2023 11 29&30 - Certified Residential Geothermal Designer Course Online with HRAI - Learn how to properly design a residential system, starting with the benefits and types of ground source heat pumps. Attendees will also learn about the design process, energy loads and requirements, and how to calculate loads; how to select mechanical systems; site, geology and soil conditions; ground heat exchanger design; pumping, interior piping and header design; economics of the design; and calculate a sample problem. Upon successful completion of the corresponding exam, an IGSHPA Certified Residential Geothermal Designer (CRD) certification will be issuedRegister here.


2023 12 05 to 07 - IGSHPA Annual Conference - “Geothermal, the Genius Renewable”– The International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) will be holding its annual conference December 5 to 7 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. IGSHPA is partnering again this year with NGWA (National Ground Water Association). Early bird registration is open now, along with exhibitor, sponsorship, and advertising opportunities. Keynote speaker will be Alejandro Moreno, the Acting Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy at the Department of Energy.  For more information, check out the conference page.


2023 12 14 - Renewable Heat Now December Power Hour – 7:00-8:00 pm ET – Renewable Heat Now (RHN) is organizing intensively for NY’s transition to clean, fossil-fuel free heating. Join RHN for its monthly Power Hour, a strategy meeting designed to inspire and inform. All are welcome to attend, and if you’re new to the movement for renewable heat, these meetings are a great place to learn and get plugged in! Register here..

*2024 01 24 to 26 – IGSHPA Accredited Installer Workshop - Renewable Energy and Sustainability Center at Farmingdale State College – “The three-day comprehensive Installation Workshops are designed for GSHP installers, contractors, dealers, home builders, manufacturers, distributors, architects, heating and cooling mechanical engineers, trench/water well drilling contractors, and anyone who desires a working knowledge of this innovative technology. Representatives from public utilities, and rural electric cooperatives can also benefit from training. Information gathered from the workshops can help utility representatives serve as a source of information regarding money-saving concepts.” Register here.

2024 04 08&09 NY-GEO 2024 Albany - We are excited to share there will be two conference events in 2024 with content focused on both the diverse residential and commercial markets in NYS.  The programs will include powerful keynote speakers and panels, educational tracks that are relevant and applicable, and an opportunity to network with exhibitors showcasing products and services that will support and advance your knowledge.

Albany, April 8-9 at the Albany Marriott will open with an exhibitor happy hour on the 8th and a full day of session tracks on the 9th with a focus on Upstate topics.  

New York City, October 21-23 at the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott includes two full days of sessions (4 tracks), the popular NY-GEO Annual Dinner and planning for a day of local project site tours. 

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2024 05 28 to 30IGSHPA Research Conference - The International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) is pleased to announce that the next IGSHPA Research Conference will be held at Polytechnique Montréal. This is the fourth in a series of research conferences held in Denver (2017), Stockholm (2018), and Las Vegas (2022). Like the previous three conferences, papers will undergo peer-review to ensure quality. Details will follow, but it is anticipated that abstracts will be due on September 18, 2023 and papers due around November 20, 2023. Conference website - https://igshpa.org/igshpa-research-conference/

2024 10 21 to 23 NY-GEO 2024 - New York City - Brooklyn Bridge Marriott - It’s NY-GEO’s first conference Downstate and will emphasize content on how to address densely populated areas and large commercial buildings to be sure! 

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