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Industry Updates:

NY Releases Cap & Invest Pre-Proposal – This past week NYSERDA and the DEC presented 3 webinars on a draft or “pre-proposal” of the NY Cap & Invest program, or NYCI (which they’re pronouncing “Nicky”). NYCI is the prime mechanism adopted in NYs Climate Action Scoping Plan for setting a limit on greenhouse gas emissions and generating income to pay for NY’s economy to transition off climate-destabilizing fossil fuels. Under NYCI, major climate polluters will pay for allowances to emit greenhouse gases (starting at $14, $15 or $23 per ton in the 3 draft scenarios), and the number of allowances would be progressively lowered each year while the price of each would increase, tailored in a way to meet NY’s goals for limiting emissions under the state’s Climate Law (CLCPA). While polluters will presumably pass on most of the fee to consumers, 30% of the NYCI revenues would go directly back to New Yorkers to dampen the cost impacts and the remainder will be used to help transition New Yorkers off fossil fuels, at which point they’d be more immune from the polluter pass through of the fees. For a fuller description of the Pre-Proposal, including 3 pdfs of the slides from the webinars, as well as recordings of the webinars, visit the NYCI website here.

This slide, from the Day 3 webinar, summarizes projected cost impacts from NYCI. In addition to analyzing costs, the webinars also project substantial savings through health benefits to New Yorkers, the creation of 28,000 jobs by 2030, continued growth for NY’s economy, and a pathway for successfully meeting New York’s legally mandated climate goals.


Ground Hog Day in Albany
– Rebecca LewisCity & State It’s truly Groundhog Day in Planet Albany as Oscar-nominated actor Mark Ruffalo joined with lawmakers and environmental advocates to announce a new anti-fracking bill.” Ruffalo was a high-profile advocate when fracking was originally banned in New York in 2014   “Now, Ruffalo has returned to promote newly introduced legislation meant to address a new form of fracking that uses pressurized carbon dioxide, rather than water, to get at methane trapped in shale. A company is currently exploring the possibility of using that method to frack in the Southern Tier with the help of a federal tax credit to subsidize technology to capture carbon and trap it beneath the ground. According to Politico New York, the company sees this as a carbon-neutral fuel operation, injecting the carbon dioxide underground to access methane, then trapping the CO2 released when the methane is burned.”  Article link here.

Clean Technica on the DOE Geo StudyThe clean energy world is a buzz about the recent DOE study on the grid advantages of geothermal heat pumps. A new article from CleanTechnica.com highlights some of the conclusions of the study. “Widespread geothermal heat pump installations could also save 24,500 miles of new grid transmission lines from needing to be built (36.7 TW-mi)—the equivalent of crossing the United States eight times—because of a reduced need for generation capacity, storage, and transmission compared to other energy pathways. This means geothermal heat pumps could provide benefits to all electricity consumers, even those who cannot install geothermal heat pumps themselves." Article link here.

Slide from DOE presentation to IGSHPA



Local Tax Breaks Favor Fossil Fuels – Colin Kinniburgh and Julia Rock - New York Focus – “…New York Focus found that the agencies (Industrial Development Agencies, or IDAs) granted over $1.1 billion in tax breaks to fossil fuel projects from 2010 to 2022, averaging close to $85 million per year…Several of the state’s biggest greenhouse gas emitters, including Athens Generating, are among the top beneficiaries of these abatements.  Around 30 fossil fuel deals are set to expire in the next decade, New York Focus found.  If they’re renewed, localities will continue to subsidize fossil fuel projects while the state is trying to switch to renewables.  As the expiration dates approach, New York’s clean energy mandates hang in the balance.” Article link here.

Decarbonization without Displacement - Tenant Advocacy in the Context of Inflation Reduction Act Implementation - Ruthy Gourevitch – Climate + Community - "The IRA will bring unprecedented funding opportunities to communities and capture the focus of state and local officials over the next few years, so it is important to ensure that the implementation process bolsters — rather than harms — tenants’ stability. The next phase of local and state IRA implementation could bring improvements that benefit renters — or could make it even harder for funds to flow equitably." Website link here.

The UK Transition from “Town” Gas to “Natural” Gas - Peter Apps – Elemental – “In the 1960s we began to use ‘town gas’ – produced from coal at a gas works...But following the discovery of huge natural gas reserves in the North Sea in 1965 we went through a rapid, centrally-planned transition which saw us convert 13m homes to gas central heating by 1977…Because of its success, it is forgotten how large a challenge and how successful an operation this was… two retired gas industry professionals… described the ‘the military atmosphere’ of the job which one of them referred to as ‘the biggest exercise since D Day’. In post-war Britain, this wasn’t a joke: many of the managers were former army officers. And as the military analogy implied, this was something which was centrally-planned and run by the state, which brought the entire infrastructure under its control… Nationalised industry also took away one of the key stumbling blocks we face today: the cost to the individual consumer fell on the state.” Thanks to the UK GSHPA for this tip. Article link here.

Picture from the Wikipedia page on coal gas.



Demand Outstrips Supply for Sustainable Office Space – Guy Grainger – energypost.eu - “Across 20 major global office markets, only 34% of future demand for low carbon workspaces will be met in the coming years. New York City has 65% unmet demand, with 54% in Paris and 84% in Sydney. So building owners must start working on the business case for investment, says Grainger. Premium rents or not, they are facing growing transition risks which includes tightening policy and regulation, evolving market expectations and wider societal pressure.” Thanks to Diverso Energy for this tip. Article link here.

Wisconsin Hotel Goes Geo, Sets Example – Dan Gearino - Inside Climate News – “What once was an abandoned department store in downtown Racine, Wisconsin, is now a boutique hotel that is unusually good at conserving energy. Hotel Verdant, which opened in August, demonstrates how a state initiative can help to mobilize a business to take actions that help the environment and the economy. It underscores findings of new research showing that state and local climate policies, combined with corporate initiatives, lead to emissions cuts that are much larger than if the companies were left to act on their own." Article link here.

Geothermal $10k Refundable Tax Credit Bill Gaining Momentum – You Can Help !! – NY-GEO’s Legislation Committee has been hard at work rounding up support for S8106 Kennedy/A8588 Rivera. The bill will raise the cap on New York’s 25% geo tax credit from $5,000 to $10,000 and would make it refundable for those with minimal state tax liability. To date, 300 letters have been emailed to Governor Hochul and Legislators asking them to include the bill in this year’s budget. 12 of his colleagues, listed in the graphic below have joined Assemblymember Rivera in co-sponsoring of the bill - If you haven't already, why not take 30 seconds now to write your legislator, using this quick and easy form? If you have sent a message and your representative is listed below, why not send them a thank you note?

National Grid Video: Why Heat Pumps? – Check out this video featuring National Grid’s Clean Heat Program Manager Jenny Cross explaining the benefits of moving to heating and cooling with heat pumps, that can “remove the need for any fossil fuels”. 2-minute video here.

The Clean Hydrogen Paradox – Dan McCarthy - Canary Media – “When electricity or batteries can do a job directly, they are almost always the cheaper and more practical carbon-free choice. Energy is lost at every step of the clean hydrogen production process, so using the fuel for any electrification-eligible task is a waste of not just energy but of renewable energy — a resource the world is in no position to be careless about dispensing… But when electrification can’t do the job — that’s when clean hydrogen can and should fill the gap. The most promising applications for the fuel are cargo shipping, long-haul aviation and steelmaking, tasks that are all difficult to accomplish with direct electrification.” Article link here.

Is Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) Worse Than Coal?? – Maria Virgina Olano – Canary Media – According to conventional wisdom, it is better for the planet to burn fossil gas, rather than coal, for electricity. However, new research finds that the life-cycle emissions from LNG are actually worse than those from burning coal (24 and 274 percent more), primarily due to the energy requirements for liquifying and transporting LNG. The Biden administration has now paused a decision on Calcasieu Pass 2 (CP2), a proposed project that would be the largest LNG export terminal in the country, until it can further assess its climate impact. Article link here

Contractor's Corner:

Get the Details on Direct Pay (AKA tax credit refundability) – “The IRS is hosting upcoming office hours that are available for all direct pay applicable entities. This is to assist with the IRS Energy Credits Online pre-filing registration process. Upcoming office hours and links to register are below:”

DATE                                 TIME                                  Registration Link

February 6, 2024                1-2 PM EST                        Register Here

February 9, 2024                1-2 PM EST                        Register Here 


In addition the IRS has published a series educational one-pagers for each direct pay applicable entity (non-profits, local gov’ts, etc), a list of applicable tax credits, and an extensive list of FAQs. Thanks to IGSHPA and GEO for this tip. Web page link here.


FEMA to Fund Heat Pumps After Disasters – Justine Calma – The Verge - “FEMA is funding ‘net-zero energy projects, including solar, heat pumps and efficient appliances’ through its biggest grant program, called Public Assistance. It’s available to communities recovering from a major event that the president has declared an emergency or disaster. Under the program, FEMA reimburses state, tribal, territorial, and local governments 75 percent of the cost of eligible recovery efforts. That’s typically been to pay for 'emergency protective measures', debris removal, and to rebuild public infrastructure. Now, those funds can also go toward installing solar panels and energy-efficient appliances… including heat pumps.” If stackable, coupling the 75% FEMA payment with the 30% direct pay incentives provided under the Inflation Reduction Act means rebuilding with geothermal heating and cooling should be more than attractive for state, tribal, territorial, and local governments. Article link here.

Feds Approve Disaster Declaration in Brooklyn, Suburbs after September Flooding - Michelle Bocanegra – Gothamist – “The Biden administration approved a 'major disaster declaration' for Brooklyn and city suburbs after the remnants of Tropical Storm Ophelia last September that inundated parts of the New York metropolitan region with heavy rains and floods, Gov. Kathy Hochul announced on Wednesday morning (January 31)". Article link here.

Climate Updates:

Report on NY’s Changing Climate – Governor’s press release - “Governor Kathy Hochul today (2024 02 02) announced the release of the technical chapters of the Understanding and Preparing for Our Changing Climate study… The multi-year scientific study… has eight technical chapters covering how various economic sectors can address rising temperatures and increasing frequency of extreme weather events…  ‘New Yorkers know too well the devastating impact of storms, extreme heat and flooding due to our changing climate,’ Governor Hochul said. ‘We are arming New Yorkers, businesses, municipalities and industries with the information and tools needed to improve community adaptation and resilience while continuing to lower emissions.’Study link here.

14.5 Million Climate Deaths Projected !!! - Zoya Teirstein - Grist - "14.5 million. That's how many additional deaths deaths a new World Economic Forum study estimates climate change will directly or indirectly cause by 2050, largely by exacerbating several human health risks simultaneously and straining global healthcare systems. (The) report also projects $12.5 trillion in economic losses and $1.1 trillion in healthcare costs by midcentury.” Article link here.

Climate Change Could Reduce Wheat Output by 13% - Meteor Blades – Daily Kos – “Wheat is the staple crop for an estimated 35% of the world population, the second largest grain crop. About two-thirds of it is consumed by humans, and a fifth by livestock…In a world where it’s estimated 820 million people are already malnourished, the toll (from reduced wheat harvests) could be immense…TUM (Technical University of Munich) researchers looked at the impacts from a single disease that is already a problem—wheat blast, caused by the fungus Magnaporthe oryzae. Found first in Brazil in 1985, it has since spread to neighboring South American countries, Bangladesh and Zambia. Future spread (could impact) …as much as 75 percent of the area under wheat cultivation in Africa and South America… East Asia and Europe won’t be at so great a risk except for Italy, southern France, Spain, and the warm and humid regions of southeast China."  Article leak here.

"We know from a recent study that every tenth of a degree in temperature rise that we prevent keeps 140 million of our brothers and sisters in habitable zones on this planet. And nothing has changed my basic conviction about the key: we need to keep building huge movements to finally break the political power of the fossil fuel industry and force the emergency conversion to clean energy.Bill McKibben

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2024 02 08 Upstate Energy Efficiency/Building Electrification Technical Conference – 9:30 am to 5:15 pm ET – “NYSERDA and the Utilities are conducting a series of in-person/virtual Technical Conferences to aid interested parties in their review of the Energy Efficiency / Building Electrification proposals (of New York’s utilities)… This second Technical Conference will be (both virtual and in person) at the Empire State Concourse in Albany. This Conference will provide an overview of the proposals filed by NYSERDA and the NYS upstate utilities (Central Hudson, New York State Electric & Gas Corporation, National Grid, National Fuel Gas Distribution Corporation, Orange and Rockland Utilities, and Rochester Gas and Electric Corporation) including answering questions from stakeholders.” Registration here.

2024 02 14IGSHPA Town Hall with Steve Kavanaugh on GSHP Cost Containment: Low Hanging Fruit Not in the Ground Loop – 11:30 am ET – For four (4) decades the mantra of ground source heat pump (GSHP) advocates has been, “we need to get the cost of the loop down’”. This has proved largely ineffective due to three primary reasons – which will be discussed during the session. Steve Kavanaugh is a noted geothermal expert who has been a featured speaker at the NY-GEO conference. Register here.


2024 02 15 – Cool Calc Manual J Training – NY Clean Heat program - Manual J is the officially sanctioned way to calculate building heat load under New York’s Clean Heat program. Expand your knowledge of building energy science by attending this free webinar. Register here.


2024 03 06 – The Future of Indoor Air – Policy Solutions for Clean and Healthy Buildings – 11:00 am ET – RMI Carbon Free Buildings - “Despite being one of the top five major health risks in the US, indoor air pollution is currently overlooked and unregulated. Burning fossil fuels in buildings releases additional health-harming pollutants that exacerbate climate change. A recent report from RMI summarizes how indoor air quality guidelines are a critical first step to understand indoor air pollutants, and how they can inform additional policy measures to mitigate risk.” 5 panelists will explore policy solutions for clean and healthy buildings. Register here

2024 03 06 – NY Thermal Energy Networks Summit – 8:30 am to 12:30 pm ET – “The Building Decarbonization Coalition, NYS Pipe Trades Association and City & State NY are proud to present The NY Thermal Energy Networks (TENS) Summit:  Scale up! Decarbonizing NY’s Neighborhoods at the Albany Capital Center…New York has positioned itself to be a national leader in using TENs with utility projects for several of these neighborhood-scale decarbonization infrastructure projects proposed for development across the state.” Register here for this free in-person (non virtual) event.

2024 03 12 to 14 - Thermal Energy Networks Symposium in Rochester, MN – Geothermal Rising - “It is no small feat to tear up streets and install thermal pipelines that share energy between buildings; however, we now have the tools, the talent, the trades, and the engineering to do this at a time when geothermal solutions are more efficient and affordable than ever. All that is needed is for you to begin your journey by registering for the Thermal Energy Networks Symposium and be prepared to start your community on the path to energy independence.” Registration fees from $575 to $775.  Register here.

*2024 03 13 - Renewable Heat Now’s Rally & Lobby Day for the NY HEAT Act in Albany – 11 am to 4 pm ET – “Join Renewable Heat Now and multiple allied groups in calling on Governor Hochul and the Legislature to put the NY HEAT Act in the budget!" Click here for more.

 2024 03 14 – Clean Heat Program Stakeholders Meeting – 9:00-10:00 am ET - The NYS Clean Heat Utility Joint Management Committee (JMC) will host the next quarterly meeting of the Working Group Series for Participating Contractors and Industry PartnersThis series is billed as an ongoing platform for contractors and industry partners affiliated with NYS Clean Heat to discuss program improvements and address questions related to the program. Registration not available yet .



NY-GEO 2024 Conferences

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We are excited to share there will be two conference events in 2024 with content focused on both the diverse residential and commercial markets in New York State. The programs will include dynamic keynote speakers and panels, educational tracks that are relevant and applicable, and an opportunity to network with exhibitors showcasing products and services that will support and advance your knowledge.


*2024 04 08 and 09NY-GEO 2024 - Albany – Once again hosted at the Albany Marriott, we bring together the best of the best in the Geothermal Heat Pump Industry. We will open with an exhibitor mixer on April 8 followed by a full day of programming on the 9th with focused attention on Upstate. NY-GEO 2023 maxed out with attendees and exhibitors, so register today if you don’t want to miss out. Check out the Draft Schedule for the Albany conference here.


·      To register for Albany and learn more about becoming a sponsor and or exhibitor click here.


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2024 10 21 to 23 NY-GEO 2024 – New York City – The New York Brooklyn Bridge Marriott will host a two-day conference with sessions and tracks, the NY-GEO Annual Dinner, and a day of local project site tours. This is NY-GEO's first conference Downstate and will emphasize content on how to address densely populated areas and large commercial buildings.


·      To register for NYC and learn more about becoming a sponsor and or exhibitor click here.


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2024 05 28 to 30IGSHPA Research Conference - The International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) is pleased to announce that the next IGSHPA Research Conference will be held at Polytechnique Montréal. This is the fourth in a series of research conferences held in Denver (2017), Stockholm (2018), and Las Vegas (2022).  Conference website here

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