If 2020 hadn't been a year like no other, our announcement this week changed that for the Alper Services Team. Scroll down for full details from our EVP and Managing Partner, Leslie Morse.

As we roll through third quarter, Alper starts to prep for open enrollment season. This month's Benefits Focus features two different resources to help you prepare for what is expected to be an open enrollment unlike any we've seen.

Our two legal updates will provide clarity on both the proposed rule to allow grandfathered group health plans make specific changes without threat to their status as well as President Trump's executive orders to lower certain specific drug prices.

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Will Pinn, Director of Employee Benefits
We’re excited to share that Alper Services has combined with GCG Financial under Alera Group to become Alper Services, An Alera Group Company.
To prepare for open enrollment, this comprehensive checklist reviews the legal changes affecting the design and administration of your 2021 plans.

The proposed rule would allow certain grandfathered group health plans to make limited cost-sharing changes without losing grandfather status.

Find out what employers can expect this enrollment period and how to prepare.

On July 24, 2020, President Trump issued a series of executive orders in an effort to lower drug prices.

This month's Live Well, Work Well teaches how to sort out coronavirus fact from fiction, supplies sun safety tips and the latest news on probiotics.

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