We're finding every week raises a new scenario and its own set of questions that are unique to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our hope is that this issue of Benefits Focus provides clarity surrounding FFCRA compliance, deadline extensions for COBRA and what a return to work plan could look like.

Our overview of a return to work plan is a great starting point don't miss it! However, we also have a more extensive guide to Creating A Return To Work Action Plan that you can download here .

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Will Pinn, Director of Employee Benefits
What is included in a plan for all employees to safely and successfully return to work?

The Department of Labor and US Treasury recently issued deadline relief for benefits plans, plan participants and service providers .

The coronavirus continues to reshape our world. We examine a few areas that will likely be impacted.

Your 30 days are up! Employers must now comply with all provisions of the FFCRA or face a penalty.

This month's Live Well, Work Well celebrates World No Tobacco Day with steps to help you quit smoking, as well as the 411 on artificial sweeteners.

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We continue to update Alper's COVID-19 resource library with information you can use, click here .
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