Taking Control of Your Own Luck and Health
Unless you have lived off planet for the last couple of months, you have probably heard about the latest health issues across our world. Unfortunately, much of the information out there right now is about fear and protecting ourselves against this invader.

I do travel throughout the year, and even I asked J.T. if I needed to be concerned about this. He replied, "Do you think you do?" Sometimes I feel like I'm talking to Socrates...answering my question with another question.
"No, I don't," I replied.
"Then you don't," he said.

Just like that?
"Just like that."

For those of us in the 3D world, it's hard for us to imagine we have that much control over our environment. We have been convinced that our health is not within our control, and we are at the mercy of others in many aspects of our lives. J.T. has been hounding me this year about taking back that control.


I hear this very clearly and very often. Whenever I go into that fear place, regardless of the subject, he blasts this in my head.

He says it is a very critical time for us right now. Here's more from J.T.:

Do not fear, Bright Lights. You are in control here. You are part of this scene. How do you want it to look for you? Hiding in fear because of the bombardment of noise all around you? Or being your own Authoritative Body, being free from that fear reverberating so loudly?
I can tell you from where I am, you are safe.

Yes, you will want to be smart about your environment, but don't let anyone shut you down in fear.

Is there a real threat? Well, that depends on your definition of threat. There are many threats in your environment. Choosing to focus on any of them gives that threat more power.

Ask for our help to eliminate these threats. If it is for your highest good, they will be non-existent. But you must choose this, and believe this. Here is an exercise I gave to my mom to help her:

  1. Meditate using a guided meditation or breathing for at least 10 minutes
  2. Now focus on the energy of your chakras (see diagram below for chakra placements)
  3. Begin at the base (root) chakra. Focusing on the energy in the base chakra, say the following mantra: "I am my authoritative body. What I say goes." Bring this energy of your authority into this chakra. No one else has any authority over you but you.
  4. Move to the sacral chakra. Focus on the energy of the sacral chakra, saying the following mantra: "I am my creative body. What I say goes." Bring the energy of your creativity into this chakra. You are a creative energy.
  5. Move to the solar plexus. Focus on the energy in the solar plexus, saying the following mantra: "I am a powerful body. What I say goes." Bring the energy of your power into this chakra. No one can take away your power.
  6. Move to the heart chakra. Focus on the energy of the heart chakra, saying the following mantra: "I am my heartfelt body. What I say goes." Bring the energy of your heart - loving, generous, pure - into this chakra. You are pure love.
  7. Move to the throat chakra. Focus on the energy in the throat chakra, saying the following mantra: "I am a true communicator. What I say goes." Bring the energy of your truth into your throat chakra. No one can take away your truth.
  8. Move to the third eye chakra. Focus on the energy of the third eye, saying the following mantra: "I am sightful. What I say goes." Bring the energy of your true sight, that sight from your soul, into this chakra. You do see what is for your highest good.
  9. Now move to your crown chakra. Focus on the energy of your crown chakra, saying the following mantra: "I AM. What I say goes." Bring the energy of your connection to all that is into your crown. You are the Divine interpretation of God here on earth. Now and always.
  10. Stay in this meditative state for another few minutes, allowing the energy of what you have declared to permeate through your body and soul. When you are ready, bring your awareness back to your surroundings, bring all of your energy back into your body, and awaken from your meditation.

This is an exercise you will need to do more than once! We would love to hear about your experiences and changes in your life! Email us your story if you would like.

Above all else, remember who you are, and how much we love you. -J.T.
Introduction to Holy Fire Reiki
Lecture and Video Call
When I was first introduced to Reiki, I thought it was a bunch of hooey. It took me a year to start using it, at the prodding of my guides and J.T. Then when Holy Fire came along, I thought it was another way for William Rand to make more money. How wrong I was!

I'm very grateful to Lisa White who introduced me to Holy Fire, then gave me my Master Teacher upgrade to this incredible energy. For me, it blows doors off the previous Reiki I was doing. That is not to say the previous Reiki is junk, because it still is an incredible energy. Holy Fire energy, though, goes to the core of who I am. I feel like I am being healed from the inside out.

Since I was a skeptic, I understand hesitation and curiosity when it comes to this energy. That is why I am offering two lectures on Holy Fire Reiki - one in Loveland, CO and one via video conference. Read below for information!

Please note: These are lectures, not healing sessions.
Where: Spring Holistic Fair
When: Saturday, March 14th 1pm
Cost: FREE!
There is an entrance fee for the fair.

Stop by the Psychic Center of Northern Colorado booth to say "Hi" while you are there! 2 mediums for the price of 1!

Click the button for info and a coupon to get in!
When: Monday, March 16th
4pm Pacific, 5pm Mountain, 6pm Central, 7pm Eastern
Cost: FREE

Since this is a video conference call, you will need a smartphone or computer to access the lecture.

Upcoming Holy Fire Reiki Classes
Your Healing Is In Your Hands! Learn Holy Fire Reiki!

What is Holy Fire Reiki?

Holy Fire Reiki is a high frequency energy that allows your body to help to heal itself. When your body is at a higher frequency, it is less prone to infections, viruses, and other things that can take your health down.

There are many factors involved when it comes to our health - what we eat, getting enough sleep, releasing emotional baggage and our ideas about our health all play a significant role. Using Holy Fire Reiki in conjunction with healthy life choices can help your system get to the frequency it needs to raise your immune system.

If Holy Fire Reiki is calling to you, or if it's time to continue your Reiki Healing journey, I would love to teach you about this amazing energy!
No previous healing experience necessary!
In this class, you will learn one Reiki symbol to use on yourself and others and practice how to give a Reiki session. At the completion of this class, you will be a Reiki Healer!

When: Monday, April 6th 12:30pm
Where: Loveland, CO
Cost: $175
You receive two more healing symbols to help heal emotional/mental/trauma/past life issues and to be able to do long distance healings. Your connection to Source increases exponentially with each symbol. You will also receive the Holy Fire III placement. Pre-requisite: Usui Reiki I certification

When: Sunday, March 29th 1pm
Monday, April 13th 12:30pm
Where: Loveland, CO
Cost: $250
Master Practitioner Level includes Usui Master Symbol to exponentially increase your healing energy, and the Holy Fire III placement.
Holy Fire III Reiki is a newly evolved form of Usui Reiki introduced by the International Center for Reiki Training. It is both powerful and gentle and provides purification, healing, empowerment and guidance.
Pre-requisite: Usui Reiki II certified

When: Sunday, April 26th at 1pm
Where: Loveland, CO
Cost: $300
Upcoming Animal Reiki Certification Class
Animals LOVE Reiki, Too!
Become Animal Reiki Certified!

In this class, you will receive the placement and certification for Holy Fire III Reiki Animal Reiki. We learn about animal chakras and how to use Holy Fire Reiki to determine where the animal needs healing. We will also review self Reiki treatments, as this is an exceptional way to learn about the energy through your own energetic experience.

This class is for current Usui Reiki Practitioners. You must be at least a Level 2 Reiki Healer for this class.

When: Monday, March 23rd at 5:30pm
Where: Loveland, CO
Cost: $100
Animal Reiki Certification for New Healers
This class combines Holy Fire Reiki Level 1 and Animal Reiki 1 Certification. It is perfect if you do not have any Reiki experience. For more information, click the button below!

When: Saturday, April 18th 1pm - 4pm
Where: Loveland, CO
Cost: $200
The Secrets of Heaven - Denver, CO
Sunday, April 19th 5pm - 7pm
Join J.T. and me for this interactive discussion and training on life, death and why we are here!

We will discuss:
What happens when we die?
Where do we go?
Is there a Heaven?

Where: For Heaven's Sake, Denver, CO
Cost: Only $25!!!
Private Sessions - Lily Dale, NY
In Person Sessions!
Come for a fun weekend in the Lily Dale area, and have an in-person session with me!

When: Friday, July 24th
Where: Universal Unity of Spirit Church
A Fun-Filled Weekend in Cassadega, NY!
July 25th and July 26th!
Two Days of Psychic Fun!
Fellowships of the Spirit is a wonderful church right outside the Lily Dale gates. They are having a Psychic Fun Fest on Saturday, July 25th, and then I am teaching a really fun class, How to Read Oracle Cards for Yourself and Others, on Sunday, July 26th! The class will teach you all about the different oracle cards, and how to open your psychic abilities to read not just the cards, but your clients, too!
Private Sessions in Pasadena, CA Area
August 14th and 15th
In Person Sessions!
I'm spending a couple of days in my hometown of Pasadena in August. If you are in the area and would like an in-person session, click on the button below for information and to schedule!
Fun in the California Sun! - Wednesday, August 12th
Channeling J.T. - Santa Barbara, CA
Okay, so technically, this event doesn't start until 7pm, but why not come to enjoy a beautiful day in Santa Barbara, and then join J.T. and me at IANDS Santa Barbara for an extraordinary talk!
In this talk, J.T. will share this information with you, and you will be able to ask him questions about life, death, and everything in-between!

When: Wednesday, August 12th 7pm – 9pm
Where: IANDS Santa Barbara, Unity of Santa Barbara, 227 E. Arrellaga St, Santa Barbara, CA
Cost: $10 at the door
Let's Take a Trip to Tennessee!
September 26th & 27th
I'm heading to Lenoir City, TN to take a class and teach a class! My dear friend and health guru, Dr. Jennifer Padtra, is teaching a class I have been wanting to take for years - How to Muscle Test! And then I am teaching "I Feel What You Feel" on Sunday! There also a few open times for private sessions, so come for the weekend! It is beautiful in Tennessee in the fall!
Muscle testing is a method of diagnosis and treatment based on various muscles being linked to particular organs and glands. Specific muscle weakness can signal potential dysfunction, such as nerve damage, reduced blood supply, chemical imbalances or other organ or gland problems.

This class empowers the individual to be able to achieve more information about their bodies and their families!
There's only a couple of open spots for Private Sessions in Lenoir City so schedule soon!

We can do a Psychic, Medium, Akashic, Life Purpose or Past Life Reading. For more information on sessions, click here.

Sessions are available on Saturday, September 26th right after Muscle Testing Class. To schedule, click the button below!
I Feel What You Feel: An Empath’s Survival Workshop

This workshop will help you define what is yours and what is not yours, and give you tools to keep that energy out of your space.

When: Sunday, September 27th 2pm – 5pm

Where: Lakeway Wellness, 123 W. Broadway St., Lenoir City, Tennessee

Cost: $75
Essential Oil for March - Sacred Mountain
I am in love with Sacred Mountain essential oil from Young Living. I love it so much, I use it in my clearing spray in place of Sage. From the Life Science Products Pocket App:

"Mountain aromas instill strength, empowerment, grounding, and protection with the spiritual feeling of being in a sacred environment."

Wow! I couldn't have said it better myself!

I have found personally that Sacred Mountain is grounding and releasing, which is why I use it in my clearing spray (recipe below). I also put it on my wrists and the bottoms of my feet if I find I am having trouble staying in my body. And it smells divine!

If you are a Young Living member, you can get this oil for $36.75 for a 15ml bottle. If you are not a member, the cost is $48.36. Membership is as low as $35, but I recommend getting at least the Welcome Home Starter Kit for $125. It has a ton of the oils I use every day like Frankincense, Lavender, Peppermint, Grapefruit, Valor and Lemon, to name some. You will also have all the oils you need for the two recipes I recommend below. Having used essential oils for years now, I can say my life and health are so much better with them! If you have any questions, or would like to order Sacred Mountain for yourself, click the button below! It can be shipped anywhere!

Recipe #1: Clearing Spray
Use this to freshen any room. It will clear and protect your space from lower energies.

20 Drops Lavender
25 Drops Grapefruit
15 Drops Sacred Mountain

Use a 4oz glass spray bottle. Put oils in first, then about a teaspoon of witch hazel, and the rest filtered water. Shake well then spray in air.

Recipe #2: LLP for Allergies
LLP stands for Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint. Use this in your diffuser, spray bottle, or roller to alleviate your allergy symptoms.

Diffuser: 10 drops of each
Spray bottle: 10 drops of each
Roller: 5 drops each with carrier oil
A Little Help For My Friends
Below are two great opportunities to help some people out. The first one is for a new oracle card deck! Pre-orders through Crowdfunding help the card creator launch the product in a way that helps everyone! You get an awesome card deck, and the author has funding to print the products.
The Wisdom of Tula cards will help you to access the guidance you have always carried inside you, the universal truths and inner knowing that is part of the fantastic person that is you. The art is marvelous, and the booklet offers substantial direction for a day or for life.

Be one of the first to get an autographed copy of this marvelous deck. Pre-orders aren't available until March 11th, but please click on the link below to get more information!!
Next is an opportunity to help Four Directions Alchemy, a metaphysical store in Michigan, with building repairs. All details are at the link! Every little bit helps! If it wasn't for these stores, where would we begin our metaphysical journeys?
Goodbyes and Hellos
It's never easy saying goodbye
We had to say goodbye to our beautiful black lab, Bella, this last month. Gratefully, I know she is with J.T. and they are having a blast!

I know she is okay, but we still miss her terribly.
Say Hello to Ellie!
The day after Bella left, I was prompted to look at the Larimer Humane Society website. A litter of 4 puppies were made available just that morning. We dropped everything to go meet them. There was one in particular who was prodding me to come see her. I sent my husband ahead to do the scouting. The same puppy approached him right away. We all fell in love. She was sure to let me know she is the reincarnation of Gabby, another yellow lab we had a few years back. Apparently, she wanted to be part of the Baptista clan again!

Ellie is just about 12 weeks old. It's like having a newborn again! We are enjoying her wonderful puppy energy so much! At the same time, we have had to adjust our work schedules for a bit to help her with her potty training.

I will not be seeing clients in the evenings for the next couple of months as a result. I will let you know as soon as that changes. I am able to do phone sessions while puppy sitting, though, so if that will work for you, please feel free to schedule a phone session in the evenings!

2020 is proving to be a year of tremendous change. I'm happy to have such life and energy in our house with our adorable Ellie.
Full Moon is Monday, March 9th at 11:48am Mountain

Spring Equinox is Thursday, March 19th at 9:49pm.

Meditate at these times if you can. Ask for the Universal Energy to fill you and bring to fruition what is for your highest good.

Happy Spring!