A Note from Scott and Marsha
February 25, 2021
Hip hip hooray for sunshine! Nope. Nope. Just kidding. You had your allotted three days of sunshine for the week. Starting tomorrow, you are back to the hum-drum, drink your coffee, stare out the window, emotionally eat the gray away day. According to the next 10 day forecast, you might see sunshine next Wednesday but only if you are really, really, REALLY good. 

In our weekly leadership meetings, we set quarterly company rocks and personal goals. We involve all our teams, and I am continually amazed at the ideas and improvements that people come up with. Without everyone's input, we would not be where we are today.  

One particular goal/rock was for Amanda, our Executive Assistant. I don't know why she has this title because it doesn't reflect her role. It really should be more like Amanda, FGS Chaos Controller/Keep Everyone In Line/Manage Scott and Marsha/Company Juggler of All the Things.  One goal for the spring was to help FGS reach 6,000 followers on Instagram. Social media has been an area she has focused on, and we have had fun sharing everything we do with you. I love following all the gardens, gardeners, hobbyists and landscapers! We really do live in a creative and gifted world.  

FINALLY, a few weeks ago, Amanda's dream came true. Scott and I were standing in the kitchen and he said, "She did it. Amanda texted me and she hit 6,000 followers!" (The picture is the screenshot she immediately sent him.)  She was really excited and proud of this accomplishment. I actually heard a check/tick as the earth stopped spinning for a split second.  

Scott stood there on his phone and started giggling which turned into wheezing. I looked at him and could only start laughing, but I had no idea why. I said, "What are you doing?"  

He said, "I unfollowed FGS and made the count go back down to 5,999 and screen shotted that she was still under 6,000. I sent it to her."  Wheezing and tears!  

These are the things that keep us going. The consistent razzing, poking and teasing we have with our team. And it isn't just us. Everyone participates.  

But seriously, thank you for your participation and helping a rock star like Amanda reach her goal. You make everything so much fun. If you haven't started following us yet, help her reach her next goal of 10,000 followers and head over to @fgsdurham on Instagram and Facebook! And we can't wait to enjoy spring this year with you!  
Garden Center Features
Dracaena is a medium to bright light loving plant that comes in many different striking varieties. Even though there are many different varieties available, the leaves are usually very showy and beautiful. Dracaena do not like to be overwatered, so check the soil to make sure it has dried out before watering again. It's really that easy!
Winter Jasmine is a favorite of gardeners for the burst of yellow color in late winter. Although it does not have the same fragrance as other Jasmines, the growing habits are somewhat similar. It does vine, but you may need to help support it with a structure or other plants. Plant in full sun, please.
We have many varieties of perennials and cool season veggies that are perfect for planting now. Our perennial feature this week is Creeping Phlox. It is one of the earliest spring bloomers and comes in shades of pink, purple and white. Plant it in the front of your flower bed or along a slope for pretty blooms year after year.
Let Us Love Your Lawn
Do you want to shrink your lawn and turn it into a beautiful and functional landscape? Want a better space for entertaining? Or do you just want to add some diversity to your garden? Our designers and installation team can make that a reality for you. Our spring schedule is booking fast, so don't wait to put in your request for a consultation!
Give us a call today at (919)484-9759, ext. 203 or fill out our online Consultation Request Form.
Happy, Healthy Houseplants – Level 1
Do you want to add houseplants to your indoor living space and don’t know where to start? Have you purchased a houseplant and you are not sure if you are giving it the care it needs? Let us show you how to have Happy, Healthy Houseplants in your home. We will discuss light, water, and benefits of growing indoors. We will also address pet and child concerns that help you make good choices. Plus, the Potting Shed will be open serving beer, wine or cider! Click on the dates and times above to register.
Instructor: Amanda Henry, FGS Plant Coach
Class Fee: $10.00

Current COVID-19 restrictions and practices will be observed for all classes.

March 19-21, 2021
We wanted to share about a great opportunity for new and experienced gardeners alike! The Great Grow Along is "a three-day virtual garden festival designed to help gardeners learn, connect and grow." Learn from experts about lots of topics including edible gardening, houseplants, DIY landscape design and MORE!! We're so excited about this, many of us plan to attend!
Plant Tip of the Week:
Perennial Ornamental Grasses
Now is the time to cut back perennial ornamental grasses like miscanthus, panicum, pampas, and pennisetum. Cut them back a few inches from the ground before the new green grass starts emerging. Use pruners or use electric hedge trimmer. If it is really tough grass, use a small chainsaw.

Pro-tip: Tie the grass into a bunch with string to make the clean-up easier!
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