To Every Friend, Family Member, Co-Worker, Customer, Vendor, or Acquaintance I Have Ever Known
Merry Christmas Eve Day!

Below is the 5th line of the "Just One More" version of the Christmas song 12 Days of Christmas , being revealed from December 20-31. Here's the latest:

On the fifth day of Christmas,
the Good Lord gave to JOMM:

Five MILLION Pounds!

Since our founding in 2008 in the basement of a church, we have been blessed with abundant donations of food. This is excess food that would be thrown away and is not wanted. How wonderful that it can be passed along to people who can use it!
We just did the math, and it is expected that by the middle of next year (2020) -- we will have reach the 5 Million Pound Mark in terms of food distributed since JOMM was founded. Thank you to all of our food donors you have been so generous!

Even as we moved from Wauwatosa to Glendale this past summer 2019, we continued to grow at the 30-40% rate of the past 5 years. Below are the numbers through October.
We consider it a Christmas miracle, that this ministry is possible. We are truly counting our blessings this holiday season.
All the best!

D. J. Rodrian
Fundraising Chairman
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Thank You Very Much