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Coming down the stretch in the "Just One More" version of the Christmas song 12 Days of Christmas , being revealed from December 20-31:

On the tenth day of Christmas,
the Good Lord gave to JOMM:

Ten Renovations

JOMM's "new" 24,000 square foot facility is a blessing for many reasons: it's large, the floor plan is perfect for our operation, it's in a safe neighborhood, close to our partners, ample parking, etc. It was a really good deal.

While the building had "good bones", there was a ton of work to do! The major projects included:

  • Demolition & debris removal
  • Cleaning, power washing, and painting
  • Drywall in the large warehouse
  • Installation of a required firewall
  • Setup of office area, phones, and computers
  • Electrical and HVAC work
  • Installation of the new freezer & cooler
  • Installing the old freezer & cooler
  • Build-out of food preparation area (incl floor resurfacing)

...and this doesn't include MOVING.

We have a special page on our website showing photos of the renovation, click anywhere below to see it:
Another way to see the building (and how much work was needed) is to watch our YouTube playlist where Chris Capper gives a tour of the entire building BEFORE any renovations took place:
Chris and DJ walk through the building on May 24, 2019.
Many Thanks to Staff, Contractors and Volunteers

It took a small army of people to fix up the building this year. The list below is a partial list of those who deserve special recognition:
We Rely on Financial Donations to Feed More Hungry People

This was a year of extraordinary one-time costs, including the down payment, moving costs, and new purchases like a forklift, freezer, and cooler.

If you are able, please consider helping us with a donation to reach our year-long goal to raise $100,000 -- fully realizing the benefit of $100,000 in matching funds first made available in May.
Warm wishes,

D. J. Rodrian
Fundraising Chairman
Enjoying the 12 Days of Christmas? See the full song on our special website:

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