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Merry Christmas!

I am delighted to share the third line of the "Just One More" version of the Christmas song 12 Days of Christmas , being revealed from December 20-31. Here's the latest:

On the third day of Christmas,
the Good Lord gave to me:

Three Polar Bears

This refers to JOMM's method of year-end fundraising the last 3 years, which is to jump into Lake Michigan with all the other crazy people on January 1 . We call this the "Polar Plunge for Hunger - Freezin' for a Reason" and here's a photo from Bradford Beach last year:
This photo above pictures from left to right, Vince, D. J. and Chris Capper. Vince is a warehouse worker, D. J. is the fundraising chairman, and Chris is the founder. To get the full idea of what it felt like last year, check out the video below.
Why would anyone do something this crazy? Answer: to raise money for a great cause!

A person might even dance in a polar bear outfit:
The point of the 3 Polar Bears is WE ARE RAISING MONEY FOR A GREAT CAUSE: feeding hungry people using rescued food motivated by faith that it's a good thing to do. Our focus since June has been to match a $100,000 matching donation and as of today, here is where we are:
That's right! If you give between now and January 1, you will help us meet our YEAR LONG goal which we've been striving to meet since the Titus Trail Relay in June -- so you are invited to give below. Any amount is meaningful!

Here are links to give:
How Crazy Are You? Any Interest in Plunging with Vince, DJ, and Chris on January 1 at Bradford Beach?

Last year we did invite any motivated "I want to raise money to feed the hungry" to join us, and there were no takers. Hey, that's OK! But if you want to see our motivational video from 2019, check this out:
Seriously, if you want to come in with us, we can set you up with your own fundraising web page, and we do have hot chocolate and a bonfire!

Thank you to everyone who might be motivated to include Just One More Ministry in your year end giving. We appreciate it!

D. J. Rodrian
Fundraising Chairman
Enjoying the 12 Days of Christmas? See the full song on our special website:

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Thank You Very Much