To Every Friend, Family Member, Co-Worker, Customer, Vendor, or Acquaintance I Have Ever Known
Good morning!

It's the final day of the "Just One More" version of the Christmas song 12 Days of Christmas , being revealed from December 20-31:

On the twelfth day of Christmas,
the Good Lord gave to JOMM:

12 Givers Giving

I want to thank everyone for their patience with my daily e-mails over the past 12 days. My hope was to tell a great story, and share that there are g ood things happening in the world . The news has stories about war, evil, and murder -- yet every day generous people are doing generous things .

  • Our Food Donors go out of their way to set aside food rather than throw it away.

  • Our Workers invest their valuable time to do difficult things like loading and unloading trucks in a cold warehouse, no matter how long it takes.

  • Our Partners have their own missions, tirelessly serving our food to poor and homeless populations.

  • Our Financial Donors give generously from their hard earned money, and without this we would go out of business!

It can seem like a dark world sometimes, but never forget that the BRIGHT LIGHT of Jesus is shining mega-watts through places like Just One More Ministry!
We're Doing a Plunge for Hunger to Inspire People to Give

Two years ago, Chris Capper and I decided to jump in Lake Michigan to raise awareness for JOMM. Last year, our employee Vince joined us, even though he doesn't particularly like water and swimming. This was the theme of the 3rd Day of Christmas: 3 Polar Bears.

This year we have at least 4 people doing the plunge -- maybe more. Feel free to come down, we'll be at Bradford Beach near the North Point Snack Bar with an ice shanty, camp fire, and hot chocolate. We're going in at 11:00 a.m. to beat the rush.

When we get into the 38 degree wate r, we're going to raise our hands and shout "Thank You Lord!" before going under. When we say that, we're thanking God for his guidance and blessings and kindness that are making Milwaukee a better place -- a Christmas story indeed.

Happy New Year!
Warm wishes,

D. J. Rodrian
Fundraising Chairman
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Thank You Very Much