A Note from Scott and Marsha
September 22, 2022
Thanks to all of you, our wonderful customers, we had an amazing first weekend of Fall Fun Days! Did you and your family enjoy For Friday's Sake, painting pumpkins on Saturday, or stop by to check out our vendors on Sunday? Oh, and PLEASE tag us in your family photos by the vintage blue Ford pickup truck (@fgsdurham)! We're dying to see all those adorable faces. Strap in, because fall has only just begun at the Garden Center, and our team is working hard at the "Pumpkin Spa" and getting in more annuals, trees and shrubs, houseplants, and more seasonal goodies for you to shop and enjoy.

This is seriously my favorite time of year. Yes, there's the holidays and traditions and family portraits and pumpkins, etc., but there's also so many delicious dishes we only get to enjoy once a year. Scott's kryptonite is donuts: pumpkin donuts, apple pie donuts, regular ol' donuts, fresh donuts from the fryer... what goes better with a crisp fall morning than a warm, fresh donut, am I right? And then there's all the fresh fall harvest foods, apple pies, and the 847 things you can make out of pumpkins. And speaking of food...

AmberLeigh and I have worked together for quite a while and I think we know each other's ideocracies pretty well. Lord knows I have several and she might need two hands to count them. I won't tell you all hers for fear she might kill me.

But after last week, I'm sure she legit thinks I'm trying to kill her. AmberLeigh has allergies that she lives with on a daily basis, so there are many things she knows to stay away from. But there are also new foods she is discovering allergies to. Enter me. I am prone to offer snacks, cookies, fruit, etc. Several months ago, I gave her something that had almond flour in it and she had a reaction. Of course, almond allergy. It really wasn't intentional and after that, I knew to be very careful, or at least tell her what ingredients could be in a snack or treat that she needs to be aware of.

Last week, I had a huge bag of fresh peaches I received at the farmer's market. I took them into work because there were over 30 peaches and I simply don't have the time to bake six pies and three cobblers. I decided I would share them with everyone instead. Harmless, right?

You would think so. However, I found out on Monday morning that AmberLeigh ate a peach and had an allergic reaction. Really? Peaches? I have seen her eat peaches before; I assumed they were safe!
She went on to tell me she had to take Benadryl because her neck broke out into hives and her lips (see Exhibit A)and face had swelling. I dug for a little bit more info and guess what? She didn't wash the peach.

Now, not only do I have to remember what her allergies are, but I have to wash her fruit too. I think this might be a bit much but, well, no injuries on my watch! And yes, we actually share pictures because I didn't believe her and she had to have the proof! No botox necessary at FGS; just eat an unwashed peach for that plump lip effect.

We will have plenty of fresh orange produce for you this fall: pumpkins, heirlooms, and more. Don't worry, we wipe them down for you in our "Pumpkin Spa!"
Meet Hubert!

Role: Haunting Department Lead
Started at FGS: September 2022
Favorite Plant: Voodoo Lily
Favorite Snack: Boo-ritos
Currently Watching: Ghost Hunters
Favorite Local Restaurant: Seoul Garden Cary
This year, I'm looking forward to: The Monster Mash theme night at FGS
Thoughts, Theories, & Trivia: Was the original cast member for The King's Ghost in Hamlet

Friday, September 23, 6PM-9PM
Doors open at 5:30PM

Jazz, wine, and tacos are the perfect trio for an autumn evening, so grab your special someone and mark your calendars for our next Jazz Night concert! Local jazz band Peter Lamb and The Wolves will be playing on September 23!

Peter Lamb and The Wolves have been serenading America since 2008, when they debuted at President Obama's Inaugural Ball. Since then, they've released three albums, been named Best Jazz Band in the Triangle twice, and won several awards - and our hearts. This will be their second concert at For Garden's Sake and we can't wait to have them back!

The Potting Shed will be open and serving wine, mimosas, beer, cider, hard seltzers, and Sunset Slush. Our Garden Center will be closed. Please bring a lawn chair or blanket for seating.

Food truck: La Katrina Tacos


Today is the official First Day of Fall! Stop by this weekend to grab a rare plant because it's officially the end of summer!

Have you been eyeing a rare plant but haven't made the jump to becoming a rare plant owner? Looking for a sign that you *should* buy that one plant? Well here's your sign!

Select rare houseplants are 30% off.

All plants included in this sale will be clearly marked with a red sale price.
Dracaena make excellent additions to any houseplant collection. They are low-light tolerant, easy care plants that are great for air purification. You can place them in a corner that doesn't get much light to brighten up your home and they will be just fine! In fact, placing them in direct sunlight will scorch their leaves, so filtered light is the best thing for them. There are several varieties to choose from, with some color variation, and they grow tall and straight. Make sure to wipe off the leaves regularly if you want to take full advantage of the air purifying qualities! Allow the top of the soil to dry out between waterings.

And, of course, don't forget to pair it with a pot! New fall pottery arrivals are here, and there's a bit of something for everyone.

The Garden Center is full of colorful annuals for fall! Come pick out some fun combinations to put in containers next to your mums and pumpkins. We have Snapdragons, Celocia, Dusty Miller, Ornmanetal Kales and Peppers, and a rainbow of Pansies! They are perfect for fall garden beds, planters and containers, and even window boxes (ask a Plant Coach about lighting requirements for your desired annuals before using window boxes.)

Want to build a fall container with us? We still have spots in our upcoming Fall Container Workshops! Scroll down for more information.

Is there anything more magical than tiny white flowers like these? These spring-blooming shrubs offer fragrant flowers, but don't worry, they also offer amazing fall appeal when the leaves change in autumn from red, to purple, to orange.

Korean Spice Bush is a deciduous shrub with compact growth, excellent even for smaller gardens. They can grow up to 6 ft tall and love full sun. More sun equals more flowers!
Pick & Paint Pumpkin Workshop

Saturday, September 24, 11AM-3PM
Location: The Potting Shed

It’s pumpkin season! Join the fun with our Pick & Paint Pumpkin Workshop. This is a workshop designed for children and adults of all ages who want to channel their inner artist. Pumpkin painting will be self-guided, so bring all of your ideas (we will also have picture options to choose from if you need a visual aid)!

Admission is FREE but you must purchase your pumpkin from FGS and present your receipt at the painting station to get materials.

All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult for the duration of this event.

Instructor: Lizzie Potter, Events & Marketing Manager
Open Mic Night

Friday, September 30, 5PM-8PM
Location: The Garden Center

It’s like For Friday’s Sake with a PLOT TWIST: you’re the star! We’ll have extended shopping hours at the Garden Center and The Potting Shed will be open until 8PM!

Do you have a special talent? A song you’ve been waiting to share with the world? Will your poetry, short stories, songs, or theatrical monologues bring a hush over the crowd? Want to take your barber shop quartet out for a test drive? Do you have a budding comedian in your family? FGS is hosting an Open Mic Night for the very first time and we want YOU to be a part of it!

This is a family-friendly event. All acts must be “rated PG.” Slots are 7 minutes (roughly two songs) with 3 minutes to change performers. You do not need experience with Open Mic Nights to participate! Registration is open to ages 10+ (children must be accompanied by an adult for this event.) Spots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. For more details, click "Sign Up Here" below.

Food truck: Gussy’s

Admission is free! You only need to register if you plan on performing; audience members do not need to register.

Saturday, October 1, 10AM-11AM
Location: The Potting Shed

Create a colorful fall container garden that you can show off all season long! Learn care tips and simple design techniques and unleash your creativity. Select your favorite colors with greenery and flowers to create that stunning “fill, spill, THRILL” look to complete your fall aesthetic.

Fee is $55/person; includes all necessary materials and supplies, a mimosa, and light snacks.

Registration without payment will be disregarded.

Instructor: Debbi Barrett, FGS Plant Coach

We're Hiring!
For Garden's Sake is looking for new team members! If you like to work hard and have fun at the same time, these positions could be for you!

Open Positions:

  • Landscaper - Installation Crew Member/Driver
  • Landscaper - Lawn Maintenance Crew Member/Driver

These are full-time, year-round positions that include the following benefits: paid holidays, matching 401k, discounts at the Garden Center, PTO, and health, dental, vision, and life insurance.

CLICK HERE to see the full job descriptions and apply!
Landscape Design and Installation
Take a STEP in the right direction with the FGS landscape team!

From design to installation, we are here for you to help make your outdoor living space dreams come true. If you need to make your own mark on a new home, clean up an unusable outdoor space, or are looking to create a living work of art in your space, we would love to work with you to make it happen.

Ready to get started on your new project? We have available appointments in late October!

Tip of the Week: INDOOR PLANT WEEK!
The First Day of Fall AND National Indoor Plant Week? Could it get any better than this? To celebrate, we're highlighting houseplants in our Instagram and Facebook stories all week, so if you haven't followed us there yet, scroll down for that info so you can enjoy the highlights with us!

If social media is not your thing, we pulled an old blog post written by Amanda (who we dearly miss) about the tribulations of being a newbie houseplant owner. Let us know if you can relate! And don't forget to stop by and add a plant to your collection to celebrate the best week of the year.

Happy National Indoor Plant Week!

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