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Say hello to sunshine, seventies and no humidity this Saturday, and kick off your Labor Day weekend with us! Shop for all the fresh and local fixins for your holiday cook-out and enjoy a relaxing breakfast or lunch on the riverfront.
Cooking with the Seasons
Dark Chocolate Chip Raspberry Banana Bread
From Sally's Baking Addiction
Raspberries are at their peak right now and this is a great dessert for Labor Day weekend. Pair it with a steaming cup of Fieldstone coffee and enjoy the cooling hints of fall weather.

Just picked raspberries are available at:
Philips Farm and Comeback Orchard (organic)

*The recipe calls for Greek yogurt - try using Raspberry Ridge Farm's Sheep yogurt - it's the original Greek yogurt!

Grown with Love
Fresh Produce, Plants & Flowers
Phillips Farms
Raspberries are at peak season this weekend, and Phillips Farms will have plenty. If you were planning on making raspberry jam then this is the time. Take the time to enjoy peaches, nectarines, blackberries and melons as their seasons are winding down. New fruit crops coming on board are Seedless Grapes, new crop Apples, and Pears. Vegetables you will find this week at Phillips Farms include: Jersey tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers, eggplant, peppers, zucchini, carrots, kale, beets, onions, garlic and more. Coming soon: Asian Pears.

Credit cards accepted. Online ordering available at Choose Easton Farmers Market as your pickup location. $20 minimum order requested.
Comeback Farm
Welcome Back Pete!
Comeback Orchards is finally starting to pick some organic fruit. Still feeling the effects of two hard spring frosts, the crop is rather spotty, but what here is delicious. Asian pears and European pears are starting to ripen, apples coming soon. The slight change in the weather also means fall raspberries are ready to pick. Organic fruit butters and salsa will also be available.
Cabbage Throw Farm
Oven Roasted Cherry Tomatoes
Plum Sunflowers, Baby Greens, and Radishes - the first tastes of fall are right around the corner! Cabbage Throw Farm will continue to have summer crops for the next couple of weeks including green beans, zucchini, tomatoes, eggplant, and peppers. Additionally, crisp lettuce, baby arugula, radishes, salad turnips, scallions, herbs and more will be available this weekend. Celebrate September with a sunflower, a summer salad and cherry tomatoes.

Recipe of the week: 
Oven Roasted Cherry Tomatoes
Simply slice tomatoes in half and toss with minced garlic, herbs (rosemary, thyme or basil) , salt, pepper and olive oil. Bake on a cookie sheet for 30 minutes. Blend into a delicious soup or add to fresh spaghetti!
Scholl Orchards
A Rainbow of Peppers
Keep that fresh summer fruit coming! Scholl's still has plenty of yellow freestone peaches and nectarines, a plethora of plums, canary melons (delish), and red and yellow watermelon for your Labor Day cook-outs. Signs of falling are beginning to grace the table too... look for Honeycrisp and Gala apples!

Lots of maters... beefsteak tomatoes, plum tomatoes (available in bulk for canning), and cherry tomatoes! Plus string beans, zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, cukes, eggplant peppers, onions and more!.
Holy Cow Farm
Autumn Gold
Did you notice the bright orange pops of color at Holy Cow Farm last weekend? The marigolds are just starting to come in, a sure sign that September is here! These aren't your garden variety marigolds. These are long-stemmed, big-bloomed, low fragrance cut flower varieties that last a long time in the vase. If you love marigolds be sure to pick some up this weekend. And if you don't love marigolds give Holy Cow a chance to change your mind! 

Pre-order here:
Twin Maple Farms
Only 2 More Weeks for Corn!
What's Labor Day weekend without sweet corn? Sad, that's what! Stop by and let Stephen set you up with a dozen ears of deliciousness.

Keep that sweet corn coming... all winter long! Buy extra corn and freeze it for winter soups, chili and chowders! Click here for instructions.
The Backyard Growers
Macs are Back!
This year is the sesquicentennial (150th anniversary) of the introduction of the McIntosh apple. It originated on the farm of John McIntosh in Dundas County (near the St. Lawrence River) in Ontario, Canada, and is a cross between Fameuse (a.k.a. Snow Apple), which was brought to Canada by French settlers, and the Detroit Red apple (little information about it). McIntosh is a good general purpose apple. It has crisp, white flesh that is slightly spicy to the taste and very juicy. "If you bit into a fresh, crisp one, you might need to wear a bib!" (Ed Fulmer) It makes an excellent, creamy apple sauce and bakes up quickly in pies. It is also an excellent cider apple.

Pasture Raised
Meat & Eggs
Breakaway Farms

Team Breakaway brings you everything you need to enjoy Labor Day! All the pastured, clean grilling meats are coming your way! Grass-fed beef steaks, burgers, & sausage, pastured pork, free range chicken, & more! This week’s features: Roasted Garlic & Gruyere Pork Sausage, & Habanero Honey Bacon!

Order online by 1pm on Friday for pick up at market this week. Also, a quick reminder that lamb can only be found online... chops, roasts, shanks, soup bones, & more!

Visit to shop online & pick-up at market!
Just Baked
Apple Ridge Farm
A brand new bread!
Apple Ridge Farm's NEW Honey Oat bread is made with pumpkin seeds, oat porridge and einkorn flour. Try this healthy, hearty taste of fall.
Signs of Fall...
Apple Brown Butter Tarts
Happy September! For this Labor Day Weekend, we've got some favorites, like Lisa's fabulous Beef Bourguignon Pot Pie, Savory Greens Strudel, Copycat Pie, Lemon Ricotta Tart with Blueberries, Peach Pie - this one with foraged Wineberries, and a newcomer to the market, a Potato and Corn Pie with Bacon. BACON! Turnovers, of course, and Strawberry Rhubarb Crumb Mini pies. Looking forward to seeing everyone down by the river on Saturday! 
Pre Ordering is easy - just use the link below!

Small Batch Specialties
Farmstand Recipes
A Delicious Collaboration between the Highmark Farmstand and the Easton Public Market Kitchen
Heat up your holiday cook-out with Chef Scott's BBQ pickled jalapenos (great on burgers) and cool off with his orange mint lemonade. If your grilling this weekend, try the cherry bourbon BBQ sauce or Peach Habanero BBQ sauce - they'll take your chicken, ribs or burgers to a whole new level! NEW this week... mulled peach apple sauce, and a mystery flavor of marinara sauce. Oh and for all you giardiniera lovers - lots more of that!
Fermented I Crafted I Brewed
Fieldstone Coffee Roasters
Ahh- our very own blend, Easton’s 18042 custom blended coffee. This is so special. Enjoy a bag or even a hot cup at the market this week! Bubble Tea, Nitro tea, Nitro Coffee, and Growlers will all be available. For faster service please pre-order coffee bags, retail tea, Growlers, or your favorite swag at use Code: papickup at checkout to drop the shipping charge, and that’s Fieldstone’s sign to bring your preorder to the Saturday market. 
Portch Tea
and Pheasant Hill Farm
Kick back on Labor Day weekend with Raspberry Blyss, The Blues, and PlumBerr. All three kombuchas will be on tap along with three of the standards. Plus Hard stuff in bottles and mixed six packs. Want to pre-order? Go to:
Botanicals & Skin Care
Teels Hill Soapworks
Get ready for Fall!
Teels Hill Soapworks will be bringing their fall soaps back this week! Scary Night features their Desert Night soap, ylang ylang, rosewood, patchouli and a touch of cinnamon. Jack-O-Lantern is a delightful mix of Orange Spice soap, sweet orange, ginger, cinnamon and all-spice. Susan will also have her Autumn Spice Air-Spray.
Guest Vendors
The Bubbly Goat

The Bubbly Goat is back this weekend with their luxurious Goat Milk Soaps, Goat Milk Facial Moisturizer, Toners, Lotions, Hand Sanitizer, Whipped Body Cream and other Goat Milk Skin Care products!
Earthy Edith

Simple Solutions by Earthy Edith’s are cleaning products with natural ingredients, sustainable packaging, and zero waste methods. Featured at EFM are Earthy Edith’s SIMPLE Cleaners & Mists. Stop by and ask Emily about how to use these eco-loving products in your home — 100% Natural Non-Toxic Ingredients – 0% Chemicals.
How to Get to the Market's FREE Parking Lots:
Since Larry Holmes Drive is closed to traffic during the market hours, you'll need to access the parking lots at Ferry & Second Streets (turn right off of Ferry St., just past the US Post Office), or via Green and Northampton Streets (turn at the Grand Eastonian Hotel). Signs are posted.
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