An "Emergency" Cease and Desist Order Sent to Verizon

The Pittsfield Massachusetts City Board of Health sent a Emergency “Cease & Desist” order to Verizon “to protect the public health” after over a year of research investigating the numerous reports of physical health issues by families living in the neighborhood near the tower after the tower became operational in 2020. The order has been received and a copy to be released to the public.

“The evidence presented to the Board includes well over one thousand peer-reviewed scientific and medical studies which consistently find that pulsed and modulated RFR has bio-effects and can lead to short- and long-term adverse health effects in humans…Credible, independent peer-reviewed scientific and medical studies show profoundly deleterious effects on human health, including but not limited to: neurological and dermatological effects; increased risk of cancer and brain tumors; DNA damage; oxidative stress; immune dysfunction; cognitive processing effects; altered brain development, sleep and memory disturbances, ADHD, abnormal behavior, sperm dysfunction, and damage to the blood-brain barrier.”

The Order also details how the Board met with Verizon but the information and testimony provided by Verizon Wireless did not convince them and the Board asserted that the Verizon safety expert lacked qualifications regarding medical issues.

"Now, therefore, the Pittsfield Board of Health hereby FINDS AND ORDERS as follows: 

1. The Verizon Wireless 877 South Street wireless facility operated by Verizon Wireless is a public nuisance, a cause of sickness, and a trade which may result in a nuisance or be dangerous to the public health..."

Download Emergency Cease and Desist Order Sent to Verizon Here

EHT will be holding a live event next week on this Emergency Order. Stay tuned.

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