*NEW* BRE Product Alert:
BRE Limited Edition 1:43rd Scale BRE GTR model                                       July 20, 2017

What a great surprise when the Greenlight 1:43rd scale BRE GTR models arrived right after the 1:64 scale models we offered a few weeks ago (which sold out in hours).
What a difference size makes! Instead of being stuck on a cardboard backing, these 1:43rd scale models sit on a black platform under a clear plexi-glass case in a graphically attention-getting box.
In addition, one purchaser will win the highly coveted "Chase" version of this model. More details are below as well as a link to a new product survey. 
Peter & Gayle Brock
*New* 1:43 BRE Limited Edition GTR model
While they last, numbered and autographed

This special BRE Edition is limited to 46 models, numbered and autographed.
  • Models are numbered 01/46 thru 46/46
  • Models are numbered on the base
  • Matching number is also on a gold foil seal on the case
  • Model bases are autographed by BRE Team Manager/Owner Peter Brock and Championship driver John Morton 

Order ONE here. Orders are limited to 1 per person: It's important to us that as many people as possible can have BRE models. For that reason, we are limiting orders to a quantity of 1. We can't limit order quantities in our system so if you ordered more than one of the 1:64 scale models you found out that we cancelled your order and tried to contact you before they were sold out to see if you wanted to place an order for 1. Don't risk having your order cancelled and have them sell out before you can reorder the allowed quantity of 1. Just order 1.  If you think you have a special situation feel free to contact us.

4 Special Chase Cars
Continue reading to find out about the 4 very limited Chase model cars. 
An Even More Limited Model!
Only 100 Made Worldwide. Only 4 as part of BRE Limited Edition. 

Greenlight Collectibles sometimes creates an even more limited quantity of a model with a slight change.  These are called Chase models. 100 Chase models were created worldwide of this BRE GTR model with a silver hood, roof and hatch.
They are stunning!  BRE has 4, yes just 4! of these Chase models as part of the BRE limited edition numbered series. They are numbered 01c/04c through 04c/04c, have the numbered gold seal on the case and are autographed by Peter Brock and John Morton. 
How do you get the super limited Chase model?
  1. Win it: Of the people that order one of the 46 red, white and blue limited BRE models here (no later than next Monday July 23rd), we will randomly choose one customer to be the winner of a Chase model instead of the regular model.
  2. Bid on it: We have posted a second Chase model for auction here.
  3. Buy it directly: We will sell one of the Chase models directly at a price we think represents its unique value.
  4. Yep, we're going to keep one for our own personal collection. So there you have it, only three are available!
New Product Survey
Bobbleheads anyone? 

We at BRE were conversing one day when someone got a big smile and said: "Bobbleheads! We need Peter Brock and John Morton bobbleheads!" 

We think this would be the greatest novelty gift/item ever but we suspect Peter and John might need some convincing (-:  To get this done we're going to have to show them some pretty compelling evidence that you want them too.  

Give us your Yes or No here. You can also leave comments. Yes or No, let's see how many opinions we can get! 
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