Special Edition
 Life Science Nation Newsletter  | September 21,  2017  |  Issue 232

Life Science
Investor Mandates
(Sept. 14  - Sept. 20)
By Nono Hu, Director of Marketing, LSN

It's 5 days to go until RESI Boston, and LSN would like to present the RESI Program Guide. If you'd like to check out RESI Boston's full lineup of speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, and innovators, you can read the program guide online now. With nineteen panel discussions, five entrepreneur workshops, dozens of vendors and the largest RESI Innovation Challenge ever, RESI will offer an overwhelming amount of content for early stage life science startups and the investors and strategic partners that want to meet them. You can check out the details below.

Life Science
Investor Mandates
(Sept. 14  - Sept. 20)
Invests in Groundbreaking Therapeutic, Medical Devices, Diagnostic and Digital Health Startups

Invests in Novel Early Stage Healthcare

Looks Globally for Devices and Diagnostics in Cardiology, Neuromodulation, IVD and Imaging

Raises New Fund for Therapeutic and Medtech Opportunities

Invests in Medical Devices and Digital Health With a Focus on Surgical Opportunities

Invests in Oncology, GI and CNS Drugs and New Platform Technologies

Focuses on Therapeutics with a Precision Medicine Approach

Expands Into Healthtech, Mobile Diagnostics and Portable Lab Devices

Invests in Growth Stage Healthtech and Health Service Companies

Invests in Medical Devices and Imaging

Works with China Partner to Invest in Disruptive Life Science Technologies

Invests Early in Novel Biotech and Medical Device Platforms

Invests Early in Women's Health, Life Science Tools, and Novel Drugs and Devices

Invests in Innovative Medical Technologies

Invests in Highly Differentiated Novel Therapeutics, Devices and Diagnostics

Invests Early in Novel Therapeutics, Devices and Life Science Tools

Invests in Highly Innovative Early Stage Medtech, Diagnostics and Healthcare IT

Invests in Biotech, Medtech and Green Technology

Invests in Therapeutics, Devices and Healthcare IT

Looks US-Wide for Medtech Deals