January 2018

California's recommendations to stop sleeping with your phone and limit cell phone use in areas of low reception has made headlines around the world. Learn More
Non-Ionizing Radiation Exposure During Pregnancy Increases Miscarriage Risk
A newly published Kaiser Permanente Study of real world electromagnetic radiation exposure found women exposed to higher levels a had nearly 3 times increased risk of miscarriage, replicating previous research.  Learn more  
Wireless Industry Petitions The Supreme Court To Halt Berkeley Cell Phone Right To Know Ordinance 
The CTIA argues free speech rights are violated when retailers are forced to inform consumers about the fine print warning in cell phones.

"Stink: Why Are Toxic Chemicals Hiding in America" Film at Teton County Library January 30 at 6pm
Watch the journey of a father investigating the chemical industry at EHT's next film screening as part of their Jackson Hole 2018 Film Series.

Nation's Top School District Issues Memo With Recommendations on Reducing Radiation From Digital Devices
The Chief Technology Officer of Montgomery County Maryland Public Schools sent advice to all staff on keeping laptops on tables (not laps) and turning cell phones off, citing recommendations of MD State Council on children's health.

EHT Issues Alert about Virtual Assistants, Radiation and Children's Health
Manufacturers of Virtual Assistants recommend at least 8 inches of separation distance between the device and the body in order to stay within government radiation limits. Yet parents and children are unaware of the radiation exposures.  Learn more
Retract Popular Science Article That Unscientifically Bashed California Department of Health Announcement
Popular Science should retract article that okays a cell phone duct taped to the face.  EHT documents the half-truths and misleading statements in a Popular Science article later picked up by NPR and Science Friday.  Learn more
Dr. Ronald Melnick Explains The National Toxicology Program Study to Australian University Professor  
Dr. Melnick clarifies the validity and importance of the NTP study to a Professor who raised criticisms of the carcinogenic findings of the National Toxicology Program.

San Francisco's Commonwealth Club, Feb. 5th at 5:30 p.m. "Re-Inventing Wires: The Future of Landlines and Networks," by the National Institute for Science, Law & Public Policy will be presented. Learn more

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