Legislative Alert from the RI Tea Party

Senate Labor Schedules Hearings on 4 Important Bills, Wednesday May 11th. Card check, perpetual contracts, property rights for retiree benefits.

Be there: Let Your Voices be Heard!   


Senate Labor will entertain yet again bills to extend terms of unaffordable and unsustainable contracts, legislate an end-run around the unsettled matter of law regarding property rights of retiree benefits and consider card check that strips people of the right to cast private ballots when voting for or against union representation.  


Please attend these hearings, Senate Labor Committee. Let them know what you think!  





 * Red = Oppose.


S 404: A Bill to allow perpetual contracts for firefighters.

Room 211, At the RISE.


S 423: A Bill to allow card check for public employees.

Room 211, At the RISE.


S 789: A Bill for evergreen (perpetual) police contracts with binding arbitration.

Room 211, At the RISE.


S 896: A Bill that locks down retired employee benefits as property rights.

Room 211, At the RISE. 






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