January 2023--Volume 4 Number 1


We are more than our current physical bodies and circumstances!

Exploring Past Life Stories, The Power of Our Thoughts, and What Happens When We Die

Shari Harris, Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer


"As you stir in thought, winds begin to howl,

As you smile, waves of love lap upon eternal beaches,

As you speak, the floodgates of abundance and good fortune begin to tremble, and

As you dream, the stars realign.

This is your life. Your power. Know it to use it. Begin today."

Mike Dooley, p. 28

The Top Ten Things Dead People Want to Tell YOU

Just Who Do We Think We Are?

Mike Dooley Says....

"The number one thing the dead want to tell you is that no one dies.

Not ever. Not anyone. Including you.

You're going to live forever, gallivanting throughout realities and dimensions unimaginable, carried onward by love, all misdeeds forgiven, infinite possibilities on deck, surrounded by friends and laughter, unicorns and rainbows,

celebrated as the god or goddess you are."

Mike Dooley, The Top Ten Things Dead People Want to Tell YOU, p. 3


About Mike Dooley

Mike Dooley is a New York Times best-selling author, metaphysical teacher, and creator of the "wildly popular" Notes from the Universe which are daily inspirational emails from him.

His books have been published worldwide in 27 languages, including, The Top Ten Things Dead People Want to Tell YOUA Beginner’s Guide to the UniverseInfinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams, and Leveraging the Universe: 7 Steps to Engaging Life's Magic.

He was one of the featured teachers in The Secret and is the founder of TUT’s philosophical "Adventurers Club" that now boasts over 1,000,000 online members.

Dooley credits his mother, Sheelagh Mawe, for starting him on his lifelong journey of discovery and teaching his New Age views, especially that "Thoughts become things." Mawe is herself an author of several books, including How Mom Got a Life, Dandelion, The Lonely Little Tree, Out of This World and Into Others, and more.

Mike Dooley promises to live what he teaches, inspiring audiences the world over in 156 cities, 34 countries, on 6 continents.

His primary advice is "Thoughts become Things": the things, events, and circumstances of our lives. "Choose the good ones!"

Information from www.tut.com


Mike Dooley is one of my favorite authors. I've been following him since I first saw him in the video, The Secret. His books have been very inspiring and influential for me, especially Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams. In 2019, I enrolled in his online course about the book and after completing the course, I could say that I was a "Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer!" I was enabled to teach the concepts in the book to others using his name and materials.

I have not yet used that certification, mainly because COVID-19 made it impractical to gather in groups. I (tongue-in-cheek) claimed the title on this newsletter. I do want to say that the book is very encouraging, explaining Dooley's version of the Law of Attraction and his concept of "Thoughts Become Things." I would recommend Infinite Possibilities for your reading.

Another of Dooley's books that I find to be a light-hearted and fun treatment of death and the afterlife is the subject of this newsletter: The Top Ten Things Dead People Want to Tell YOU. Dooley states that he believes each of the ten "things" in the book is absolutely true, and I am inclined to agree.

I have listed the ten topics from Dooley's book below and included the essence of his thoughts in a few sentences, which was/is difficult because there is so much further explanation of his reasoning and wisdom in the book. If you find ideas that resonate with you, or which confuse you about what Dooley is saying and why he's saying it, or even with which you disagree, I encourage you to read The Top Ten Things Dead People Want to Tell YOU for further explanation.

I also hope that you will watch the short video included here. You will see the joyful enthusiasm that Dooley bring to these ideas and his explanation of how he came to write this book.

I love Dooley's quote from "The Top Ten Things" above (in the heading under the picture of the mountains and water). It expresses to me, in a poetic and inspirational way, the power of The Law of Attraction.

Dooley writes a free daily email to over 600,000 subscribers called "Notes from the Universe." If you would like to receive his daily uplifting thoughts, you can sign up on his website, www.tut.com.

Be well and enjoy your amazing life! 

Sending my love,


PLAY:(Only 6 Minutes)  Video of Mike Dooley Enthusiastically Explaining his Book, The Top Ten Things Dead People Want to Tell YOU

First Thing, Chapter 1, p. 1

We're Not Dead

Dooley believes and teaches, without question, that there is an afterlife, which is our original "home" and to which we return when our current life on earth is completed. In the video, he states that most Americans also believe in an afterlife, although they may not understand how amazing it is. He emphasizes the importance of our current life, how happy we were to be able to have this opportunity to come to "time and space," and that many souls are waiting in line on the other side to have their turn. This chapter summarizes the joy dead people feel upon "arriving" on the other side and their desire to tell their loved ones still on earth not to grieve so much for them and not to fear death when their time comes. Here is a quote from Chapter 1.

"If you knew, really knew, that your past loved ones were just around the corner and you'd see them very soon, wouldn't that change everything? Then let it. Rest assured that in the love of the Universe they are now alive, well, and--perhaps surprising to you--very busy. Their wish for you is to be the same on all three counts. They will prepare a seat for you at your homecoming banquet that will be quite unimaginably grand, yet for now there's a much greater celebration at hand: your life. Until then, know there's nothing to fear in death...." p. 22

Second Thing, Chapter 2, p. 23

There's no such thing as a devil or hell.

This chapter seeks to take away fear of judgment and/or possible punishment in a Hell when we die. Dooley believes, as do all New Age authors, that there is no punishment. In fact, any judgment comes only from ourselves as we review the life we just left.

"There has perhaps been no lie greater than the one told of a devil awaiting sinners in hell.... For sinners discovering the lie while crossing the threshold between worlds, instead of having to meet their maker--or worse, a big red devil--it makes possible a delirium of joy that is quite unrivaled. They are elated to find that not only are they immortal, but they're approved of, appreciated, forgiven, and adored, just exactly as they are." p. 25

"You are not alive to be tested, judged, and sentenced. You're alive [on earth] to live and learn, in unending spirals of love." p. 42

Third Thing, Chapter 3, p. 43

We were ready.

Dooley stresses that death is not random, although it often appears to be. (p. 55) This chapter indicates that for every death, the timing is perfect--usually part of the person's life plan--when the soul has finished its goals for his/her life on earth. In the case of premature death, it may have been pre-planned before birth to provide learning opportunities for loved ones left behind. When someone dies, (unconsciously) they were ready to end this life, to go "home" to rest and regroup, and to make plans with other souls for their next life. Their survivors will join them later and will most likely be players in their next life as well.

"A crowning achievement and manifestation of every lifetime is one's time and method of passing, yet its probability, like all earthly creations, takes into account more variables than a human mind was meant to handle."

"Contrary to what your physical senses show you, every death is the product of great order, healing, love, and myriad other considerations that are cleverly orchestrated by the highest intelligence within you." p. 62

Fourth Thing, Chapter 4, p. 63

You're not ready.

The Theme of Chapter 4 is that if you're still alive, you are not ready to die! (p. 52) It also stresses that "you" are the Creator of your life (through your thoughts and beliefs--whether you know it or not) and we have lives on earth to learn to create what we want. It also states that we actually learn and grow through adversity, and that our challenges are by "our design." If we are living, we have not completed our "mission," so to speak--the reasons we wanted to come here in the first place, which probably include learning that our thoughts are creative and to choose the good ones. Dooley indicates that no matter what our challenges, we are OK. All is well!

"Maybe you're unconvinced that today is packed with meaning and that you are who and where you most wanted to be. That you're the magician of your life, master of the illusions that dance around you.... After all, sometimes finding a parking space seems to be asking for too much, while losing weight, paying off debt, and finding Mr. Right can sometimes seem like a cruel joke." p. 65

"Your issues aren't random, they're by design--yours....The dead want you to get that no matter where you are, everything is okay, getting better, and happening just as it 'should'.... It means that you still have places to go, friends to meet, and lessons to learn." p. 67"

Fifth Thing, Chapter 5, p. 83

We're sorry for any pain we caused.

I'm sure you've heard of "the life review." When we die, we are able to review the life we just left and we can see how all of our actions affected other people in our lives--favorably or hurtfully. I understand that we actually feel ourselves what others felt because of us. Dooley explains that when we realize how we hurt some of the people, we feel such sorrow. I believe it is part of our growth and lessons learned and will help us in planning our next life.

"Not only do those who adventure into the jungles (of time and space--earth) inevitably get hurt, but invariably it's by someone else! And more often than not, a loved one....and you will learn that you sometimes hurt others as much as they hurt you....

So naturally, from the lofty views of the afterlife, where deep, natural empathy puts you in the shoes of those you hurt, you're overcome by wanting to share the truths that will ease their burden.... The dead are truly sorry for any pain they may have caused in your life." p. 85

Sixth Thing, Chapter 6, p. 101

Your dreams can come true.

This chapter describes The Law of Attraction and how it works. Thoughts become things. We create our lives through our thoughts and beliefs either intentionally or blindly. Dooley stresses that we can learn to create what we want. He also indicates that along the way, we still encounter challenges which contribute to our learning.

"The dead want you to know that you were born to soar, to achieve, and to grow.... It's a huge part of what you came here to do. To rock your life!" p. 105

"Your thoughts are more than fuzzy little wispy wisps. They perpetuate life as you know it; they are the shape-shifters of time and space.... Just as water evaporates under the proper conditions, just as fires ignite and continents slide, your thoughts strive to become the objects, events, and players of your life, filling the mold created by your imagination with people, places and things." p. 106

"What makes you you boils down to what you think, which leads to what you'll feel. Call your thoughts "decisions" or "words" or 'actions' or intentions:" it's still the same. Thinking is all there is; it's life's only variable--not that you will think, but what you will think. You have the choice to intentionally craft the journey as it unfolds, or to unintentionally craft it. You can choose to steer the vessel that contains your heart or let it drift across the sea." p. 117

Seventh Thing, Chapter 7, p. 123

"Heaven" is going to blow your mind!

This chapter title says it all! Dooley paints a wonderful picture of what awaits people when they die. These quotes give you a taste of it. The chapter emphasizes that we have nothing to fear about death when it's our time to return "home."

"Life as you once knew it [on earth] was the dream and this 'new place' [the afterlife] is where you dreamt it from...Death will be the gateway to being more 'alive' than you now suspect is possible." p. 127

"Loved ones who've passed welcome you. The most joyful tears begin to flow. Friends and beloved family members from [this and] other lifetimes 'arrive' and are greeted with instant recognition.... There's a sublime glowing grace that emanates from everything and everyone.... Your mind is blown to pieces with joyful 'aha's,' 'oh boy's,' and 'you gotta be kidding me's'!"

"This is where

  • everything that was ever broken is made whole
  • everything that was ever lost is found
  • everything that ever hurt has healed
  • where there was once illness, there is health; confusion, there is clarity; despair, there is excitement; lack, there is abundance
  • everything that was ever feared is unmasked
  • every enemy is befriended
  • everything that was ever unpleasant in your last life can now be seen with understanding to have been a great and fabulous gift" p. 142

"It's all so glorious! So much peace, harmony, and beauty! So much love! You never had anything to fear--not for yourself and not for those you miss. Which is what this 'thing' is that the dead want you to know about living!" p. 148

Eighth Thing, Chapter 8, p. 149

Life is more than fair.

We are never victims! Things do not happen "to us." They happen because of us or for us. You have to read this entire AMAZING chapter to understand where Dooley is going with this. On the face of it, he seems to be "blaming the victim" but there is so much more to it. We are Creators in a "Creator's School--he explains that. Bad things are not necessarily "bad." They are challenges which we've had a part in creating and they are how we learn and grow.

"Wouldn't it seem...that the 'mind' behind it could have somehow created stopgap measures or instituted mechanisms to prevent unexpected, pointless, bad things from happening? At least from happening to good people? p. 152

"...hypothetically, just maybe, is the very question of 'bad things happening' fatally flawed?" p. 153

"Beliefs = our Energetic Vibration = Thoughts = Action = Circumstances = Things

Or, vastly simplified: Thoughts Become Things." p. 157

"To create a physical world that corresponds to all the vibes you possess, life happens. What's critical right now is your understanding that your vibes come first. Actually, it's more accurate to say that you happen to life and then life responds. You came first, remember? You are not only the Creator, but the epicenter of the energy that brings about your life's manifestations. Life, incidentally, is not 10 percent what you make it and 90 percent how you take it? It's 100 percent what you make it." p. 160

"Fault and blame don't fit into the equation of understanding that you're an eternal Creator who chose to enroll in a Creator's school." p. 166

Ninth Thing, Chapter 9, p. 173

Your "old" pets are as crazy as ever.

Our pets are there waiting for us! They actually had a mission on earth--to teach us how to love unconditionally, as they do! We can rest assured, we will see our beloved pets again!

"You are not only loved through the packages and bundles that are Fido and Fifi, but their presence in your life is just one more invitation for you to love as you could not have loved otherwise, even as they teach you lessons of compassion, tolerance, patience, or whatever else you stand in need of." p. 175

"Your furry friends, former and present, are your playmates and teachers and are one of the many ways you can say that 'God' reaches deep into your physical corner of creation to open your heart and mind." p. 185

"They couldn't be prouder, happier, or more eager to lick your face again, wag their tails, purr their little hearts out in your warm lap...as they patiently await your homecoming, which is exactly what they wish for you to know...." p. 186

Tenth Thing, Chapter 10, p. 189

Love is the way; truth is the path.

Dooley expresses that through our many lives we are advancing in knowledge and in love. And the earth, as well, is "spiraling" upward--growing in love in each generation. We are always loved and always safe, as what happens in this life is an illusion. All is love.

"No one knows how it all began, not even the dead, but everyone knows that it did. Actually, no one knows much of anything at all, except

  • Everything is God,
  • Thoughts become things, and
  • Love is all." p. 191

"Concerning love: not the kind that's given or received by others. Although beautiful, that kind of love is triggered by conditions..... Instead, a love:

  • That's always, everywhere on,
  • With a benevolence that does not need approval or judgment to be shared,
  • Bearing gifts that do not need to be earned or deserved, and
  • Consisting of a uniting, healing, intelligent superjoy."

"The Upward Spiral: Your priorities begin to shift. Everything seems so easy. You arrive on a plateau that confirms it's not the material things that bring you the most joy but the pursuit of them. And not because of what the pursuit promised, but for all that it didn't--the hidden gifts: new challenges, fears, and enemies. These were your greatest gifts! Gifts because they were met. faced. and befriended. They became the milestones of each journey and what you recall with the greatest fondness." p. 200

"You are adored." p. 204

"Life is not fair--

the cards are incredibly stacked in your favor!"

Mike Dooley,

The Top Ten Things Dead People Want to Tell YOU, p. 168

Just Who Do We Think We Are?

Shari Says...

I believe we are eternal spiritual beings who are currently

living one of our many lives on Earth and who are the co-creators

of our experiences through our thoughts and beliefs.

Shari Harris


Good things are happening in the world that we may not have heard about! Shari

Paris has pledged to make the Seine swimmable by the 2024 Summer Olympics, investing in a $1.6 billion stormwater holding tank to curb sewage pollution. The tank has a capacity a of 46,000 m² and will be entirely invisible at surface level. It’s part of a decade long mission to clean up a river that was declared biologically dead in the 1960s. Resilience

Melbourne has successfully enticed butterflies and bees back to its CBD, simply by working out which plants are most beneficial to wildlife and well, planting more of them. Over the last five years, native shrubs and perennial herbs with high yields of nectar and pollen have been planted along city streets resulting in a significant increase in the number of bee species and an abundance of butterflies. The Age

In its annual outlook, the IEA says that after more than a century, the world will decouple GDP growth from carbon emissions by 2027. Other highlights - the energy transition has been turbocharged by Putin, the 'golden age of gas' is over, and if all countries meet their pledges we can limit temperature increases to 1.7°C. Carbon Brief

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If this "Good-News-Letter" inspires anyone to look into the law of attraction or past lives or what happens when we die, I will be satisfied because I am convinced that these are all profound truths: that our thoughts and beliefs influence the things and events of our lives, that we live many lives, and that in-between our lives, we rest, study, learn and plan our purpose for our next life. 

For me, these ideas are "good news" and help to answer universal questions about why we are here. Please take what resonates with you and leave the rest. Shari

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