I hope you are well and sheltering safely at home. I am doing very well and actually enjoying having a pretty much clear calendar, except for a few Zoom meetings and Face-time get-togethers with my family. With this newsletter, I am sending you best wishes and positive thoughts!

I am excited to tell you about a past life story in this issue. Reincarnation and past life stories have been a focus for me since the early 1980s. I have been collecting stories and information about reincarnation most of my adult life. In the beginning, it was a "closet" endeavor since not many people in the United States believed in reincarnation and/or talked about it.

But New Age topics have been becoming more mainstream, and in 2009, I organized a New Age Spirituality Book Club at my Unitarian Church in Indianapolis, where we read and discussed many books about past lives, as well as a wide range of other unusual topics. (FYI: New Age topics are not typical for most Unitarian discussions, but since Unitarians are curious, open to new ideas and not bound by limiting creeds, the book cluc was very acceptable.) Our book club meetings were the highlight of my month until I moved to Michigan in June of 2018.

And now I will have a chance to again share my favorite past life stories as part of a "Fascinating Past Life Stories" series, which I plan to intersperse among other "Just Who Do We Think We Are?" topics. I hope you enjoy them!

I feel almost like I know Robert Snow personally since he is from Indianapolis where I lived in or near for fifty-three years. I did not ever meet him in person even though he did speak at my church several times when I was not able to attend. I have read and shared his book often, which I love. I chose to begin with him in this newsletter because he is such an honorable person! There is no reason to question his motives or authenticity!

My notes, which are attached here, were written for the book club, and they highlight the main points of Snow's story. Hopefully, they will spark your interest in reading the book!