July 2, 2020 ~~ Volume 1 Number 10


by Shari Harris

"If people really knew what they were, there'd be no wars, there'd be no poverty,
there'd be none of the ills that face humanity today."

William Buhlman, Monroe Institute
Just Who Do We Think We Are?
Carol Bowman Says...

"When a child speaks so innocently and knowingly about living before, and so calmly describes what happens after death and on the journey to rebirth, it is firsthand testimony to the truth that our souls never die. These memories present perhaps the best documented evidence yet for reincarnation."

Children's Past Lives by Carol Bowman, inside cover
Just Who Do We Think We Are?
Wayne Dyer Says....
"Who we are is obviously not these bodies we inhabit....From all that we can gather from what our children tell us, our souls are indestructible, and they transcend time and space in a way that remains mysterious to all of us....We are all infinite spiritual beings having a temporary human experience, and so many of our very special young ones are providing testimony to this grand idea."

Memories of Heaven by Wayne Dyer and Dee Garnes, p. 35
Four Remarkable Stories of
Children Who Remembered a Previous Life
The Boy Who Remembered Dying
as a World War II Fighter Pilot
The Reincarnation of a World War II Fighter Pilot
by Bruce and Andrea Leininger, June 11, 2010

"The screams came out of nowhere. Just three weeks past his second birthday…in the darkest hour of midnight, he was flopping around on his bed like a broken power line, howling at the sky as if he could crack open the heavens with his ear-shattering distress."
" Plane on fire! Little man can't get out!" 

"A happy two-year-old who had only just started speaking in sentences, James Leininger began screaming out these and other chilling phrases during recurrent nightmares. Disturbed and determined to understand their only child, Bruce and Andrea set off on a journey of discovery that would rock them to their core. What their son revealed drew them inescapably to a shocking conclusion: that he was reliving the life of James Huston, a World War II fighter pilot who was killed in battle--over sixty years ago.

Through painstaking research and conversations with veterans and surviving members of Huston's family, Bruce and Andrea were forced to confront their skepticism and re-examine their entire belief system. Eventually, they not only solved the mystery of their son's dreams but also uncovered revelations about James Huston's life that could finally bring peace and healing to his loved ones, decades after his death."
From the Back Cover 

This is my favorite true past life story !
Below is a link to notes I took while reading it.
If you are interested in past lives, this book is one you should not miss!
James Huston -- James Leininger
James Leininger's Drawings of Plane Crashes

In this issue, I am excited to share details about some of my favorite stories of children who remembered past lives. These are just four of the many fascinating cases that have been investigated. The memories that these toddlers talked about as soon as they were able to speak have, indeed, been verified as facts from a deceased person's life. In many cases, family members and/or aquaintances of the deceased person have been found and interviewed. Childhood fears and even health conditions were eliminated after the child realized that the memories are from another life and won't hurt them now. In the case of James Leininger, he was able to leave his fears behind after experiencing closure to the death of James Huston.

I hope you enjoy these stories! As stated in the quote from Carol Bowman above, stories like these from children who know so little about the world are testimony that their statements are truly memories and that it is possible to live more than one life, that our souls do not die when we leave our bodies, and, as Wayne Dyer's quote states, we are infinite spiritual beings. To me, this is the good news of reincarnation!

Best wishes to you all and happy 4th of July!
The Boy Who Remembered a Life as a Baseball Player
An Astounding True Story of a Young Boy's
Past-Life Memories 
by Cathy Byrd, March 21, 2017

“Mommy, I used to be a tall baseball player.”
“Yes, you will be a tall baseball player someday.”
With a look of exasperation, he stomped his foot and hollered.
“No! I was a tall baseball player—tall like Daddy!”

"What was my son trying to say to me? Did he mean . . . he couldn’t mean . . . was he trying to tell me that he was a grown-up in a previous lifetime?

At the tender age of two, baseball prodigy Christian Haupt began sharing vivid memories of being a baseball player in the 1920s and ’30s. From riding cross-country on trains, to his fierce rivalry with Babe Ruth, Christian described historical facts about the life of American hero and baseball legend Lou Gehrig that he could not have possibly known at the time.

Distraught by her son’s uncanny revelations, Christian’s mother, Cathy, embarked on a sacred journey of discovery that would shake her beliefs to the core and forever change her views on life and death.

In this compelling and heartwarming memoir, Cathy Byrd shares her remarkable experiences, the lessons she learned as she searched to find answers to this great mystery, and a story of healing in the lives of these intertwined souls.

The Boy Who Knew Too Much  will inspire even the greatest skeptics to consider the possibility that love never dies."
The Boy Who Knew Too Much, Inside Cover
Christian Haupt --- Lou Gehrig
Lou Gehrig --- Christian Haupt
A Boy Who Remembered a Life In Hollywood
This story is one of the cases detailed in Jim B. Tucker's book, Return to Life. Dr. Tucker, of the University of Virginia, was featured in the Just Who Do We Think We Are? #9 June 25, 2020, issue.

Ryan's mother contacted Dr. Tucker for help with her son who was describing memories of having lived in Hollywood. He would cry and beg to be taken back to Hollywood from their home in Oklahoma to see his "family" because he was so homesick. As a preschooler, Ryan would shout "Action!" and pretend to be directing movies. Among many other details over the period of a year, Ryan said that he had made films and lived in a big house with a swimming pool. He also began to have nightmares, grabbing his chest and saying he couldn't breath. He said that when he was a man in Hollywood his heart exploded.

His mother checked out some books about Hollywood from the library, and in one of them Ryan pointed to a picture of a man that he said was him. The picture was of the cast of a film called Night After Night. Dr. Tucker was able to find help from a film archivist who found the man's name. He was an uncredited extra in Night After Night named Marty Martyn.
Ryan Hammons --- Marty Martyn
Ryan had recalled 55 different aspects of Marty Martyn's life which Dr. Tucker was eventually able to verify. The family and Dr. Tucker made a trip to Hollywood, went to many of the locations from Martyn's life, and actually met his daughter, who was eight years old when her father died in 1964. After meeting her, Ryan stated that he was surprised that she was an older lady now, and it seemed to upset him that "she didn't wait for me." After the trip to Hollywood, Ryan didn't talk about that life as much unless something reminded him.

In 2011, Ryan and his family appeared on a tv show entitled "The UneXplained: A Life in the Movies" on the Biography channel. The parents had been nervous about the show because of their church connections, but they felt it turned out well and the producers did a great job. Six months after the show aired, Ryan put away his pictures of New York and told his mother that it was time to just be a regular kid. His parents were thrilled.
Summarized from Return to Life by Dr. Jim B. Tucker
A Boy Who Remembered a Life
as a Soldier in the Civil War
"On Independence Day, 1988, five-year-old Chase Bowman became inexplicably terrified by a fireworks display. His mother, Carol, thought it was strange as this had never happened to him before. Over the next few months, his fear of explosive noises intensified. For help, Carol turned to a friend who was a hypnotherapist, Norman Inge. During the session, Chase seemed to be transferred to a battlefield during the Civil War. He claimed that he was behind a rock, holding a big gun. He also saw [himself as] an African American soldier being shot.

In his vision, Chase was shot in the wrist and sent to a field hospital. After being bandaged, he was sent back to the front to man a cannon. He said he was then killed during the battle. It appeared that he had a past life during the Civil War. Carol was certain that he could not have known any of these things, as he had never watched or read anything about it.

Later, he drew rough sketches of the field hospital and the cannon that he had seen. Civil War historians felt that the drawings were very accurate. Interestingly, he also had a resistant and serious case of eczema on his wrist [where he described his wound to be] that went away soon after his hypnotic session, along with his fear of loud noises. From this experience, Carol [Bowman] became interested in past life experiences with children and later wrote a book about it called " Children's Past Lives. " She decided to go to graduate school to obtain a degree in counseling and is now one of the most respected authorities on children's past life memories and how to help them resolve difficulties stemming from their memories.

This case first aired as a part of a segment on reincarnation on the May 2, 1997 episode of Unsolved Mysteries.

Below are two of the drawings that Chase made about what he remembered from the battle. The pictures were later verified by a Civil War historian as typical for the Civil War.

Chase is the son of Carol Bowman. His complete story is told in her book, Children's Past Lives .

Below is a link to a short video of Chase and his mother on the Oprah show.
Out of the Mouths of Babes...
Statements Made by Parents
about Strange Things Their Children Said
These statements are among those collected by Dr. Wayne Dyer and Dee Garnes for their book, Memories of Heaven. In the Introduction, Dr. Dyer wrote:

"As you read these stories, I encourage you to practice
something that I learned from a 10th-century scholar
in India named Tilopa. His advice was to 'have a mind
that is open to everything and attached to nothing.'"
" When my daughter, Sarenna, was just under two years of age, she was very verbal. She would look me in the eyes and tell me how happy she was to be with me--how much she missed me when she was waiting to come to Earth to be with me, how she had watched me from the Other Side, so excited for the time when she could come join me."
In 2005, my youngest child, Tristan, was four years old. I was in the kitchen cooking dinner, while he watched Tom & Jerry in the living room. During a commercial break, he came in and watched me for a moment with his little head cocked to one side. Out of the blue he said, "Do you remember a long time ago, I used to cook in George Washington's kitchen?"
I paused for a moment and asked, "You did?"
He nodded yes and then continued, "But I was a kid."
"Was I there?"
"Yes, you were a kid, too."
From the time he was very little, [my son] Cairo was always quite clingy with me. Wherever I went, he went, following me closely no matter what I did. He was a quite happy little boy who was always observing adults and never felt the need to speak a lot. He must have been about 22 months old when we were walking toward a road and I grabbed his hand tightly, telling him about the dangers of traffic and how he needed to hold my hand.
"Yeah," he said, very matter-of-factly, "otherwise I'll die again."
"Die again?" I was stunned as I looked at him.
"Yeah, 'member? When I was little and I fell and my head was on the road and the truck drove over it?"
Thoughts About Reincarnation
Ann C. Barham

"There really is nothing to fear from the concept of reincarnation. Today over half the world's population espouses this belief -- for good reason. There is a great sense of serenity that comes from knowing that the deepest parts of ourselves will always exist, that we are much more than just our current physical bodies, and that we have many opportunities to master human existence and learn the lessons we are here to learn. For many people, the idea just makes sense."
The Past Life Perspective: Discovering Your True Nature Across Multiple Lifetimes
by Ann C. Barham

General George Patton

"So as through a glass and darkly, the age long strife I see, Where I fought in many guises, many names, but always me. "

Marianne Wiliamson

"Life is like a book that never ends. Chapters close, but not the book itself. The end of one physical incarnation is like the end of a chapter, on some level setting up the beginning of another."
Marianne Williamson, Everyday Positive Thinking
by Louise Hay and Friends

Affirmations: Plant Mental Seeds for Growth
"There is a rhythm and flow to life, and I am part of it. Life supports me and brings to me good and positive experiences. I trust the process of life to bring me my highest good."

"This is a new day, one that I have never lived before. I stay in the Now and enjoy each and every moment."

"I release the need to blame anyone, including myself. We are all doing the best we can with the understanding, knowledge, and awareness we have."

Louise Hay, Power Thought Cards

"Let [my] dominant intent be to feel good which means be playful, have fun, laugh often, look for reasons to appreciate and practice the art of appreciation. And as [I] practice it, the Universe, who has been watching [me] practice, will give [me] constant opportunities to express it."

Just Who Do We Think We Are?
Shari Says... 
I believe we are eternal spiritual beings who are currently living one of our many lives on Earth and who are the creators of our experiences through our thoughts and beliefs.
Shari Harris

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