April 7, 2020 ~~ Volume 1 Number 4


by Shari Harris

Just Who Do We Think We Are?
Abraham Says...(Part 2)
" You are eternal Beings who have chosen to participate in this specific physical life experience for many wonderful reasons. And this time-space reality on Planet Earth serves as a platform in which you are able to focus your perspective for the purpose of specific creation.

You are eternal Consciousness, currently in this wonderful physical body for the thrill and exhilaration of specific focus and creation. The physical being that you define as 'you' stands on the Leading Edge of thought [your mind], while Consciousness, which [comes from] Source, pours through you."

From Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks, p. 13
"You Are a Summoner of Vibrational Energy"
You are Consciousness.
You are Energy.
You are Vibration.
You are Electricity.
You are Source Energy.
You are Creator.
You are on the Leading Edge of thought.

From Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks, p. 28
The Law of Attraction, the Most Powerful Law in the Universe

"Every thought vibrates, every thought radiates a signal, and every thought attracts a matching signal back. We call that process the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction says: That which is like unto itself is drawn." Ask and It Is Given, p. 25

"Whatever you are thinking about
is like planning a future event.
When you are appreciating, you are planning.
When you are worrying, you are planning.
Worrying is using your imagination
to create something you do not want."
Ask and It is Given, p. 27

Six Things to Understand about The Law of Attraction
Paraphrased From Ask and It is Given, p. 26

ONE: VIBRATION . Whatever you are giving your attention to causes you to emit a vibration , and the vibrations that you offer equal your asking, which equals your "point of attraction." If there is some thing or experience you desire that you currently do not have, you only need to put your attention upon it and, by the Law of Attraction, it will come to you. (However...see Two)

TWO: ATTENTION. However, if there is something that you desire that you currently do not have, and you put your attention upon your current state of not having it , then Law of Attraction will continue to match that not having it vibration , so you will continue to not have that which you desire. It is Law.

THREE: ALLOWING . The key to bringing something into your experience that you desire is to achieve vibrational harmony (or alignment) with what you desire. The easiest way to do that is to imagine having it, pretend that it is already in your experience, flow your thoughts toward the enjoyment of the experience , and as you practice those thoughts and begin to consistently offer that vibration, you will then be in the place of allowing that into your experience.

FOUR: EMOTIONS. By paying attention to the way you feel, you can easily know if you are giving your attention to your desire or if you are giving it to the absence of your desire . When your thoughts are a vibrational match to your desire, you feel good--your emotional range would be from contentment to expectation to eagerness to joy. But if you are giving your attention to the lack or absence of your desire--your emotions would range from feelings of pessimism to worry to discouragement to anger to insecurity to depression.

FIVE: GPS: As you become consciously aware of your emotions , you will always know how you are doing with the allowing part. Your emotions provide a wonderful guidance system for you, and if you will pay attention to them, you will be able to guide yourself to anything that you desire. (Care enough to use your thoughts to feel good. "Nothing is more important than that I feel good.")

SIX: DELIBERATE OR BY DEFAULT. You get what you think about whether you want it or not! By the powerful Universal Law of Attraction, you draw to you the essence of whatever you are predominantly thinking about. So if you are predominantly thinking about the things that you desire, your life experience reflects those things. And, in the same way, if you are predominantly thinking about what you do not want, your life experience reflects those things. Deliberate Creation is thinking about what you want on purpose and raising your vibration to allow it. Creation by Default is what you get when you do not realize what your thoughts are or don't try to direct them away from what you don't want.

I love this Law of Attraction Stuff!
I am inspired every time I read about it! This is the second part of my information on the Teachings of Abraham, Non-Physical entities who are channeled by Esther Hicks. Esther and Jerry Hicks have written several great books, but Ask and It Is Given (see more below) is perfect for explaining Abraham's lessons on The Law of Attraction, as well as the book I featured in my last email, The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham.
(FYI: Jerry passed away in 2011 and Esther continues the workshops on her own.)

About the Cruise
As I mentioned in my previous newsletter, I recently participated in an Abraham-Hicks Workshop while on a Caribbean cruise. Neither my friend, Laurel, nor I had been on a cruise before, and so we enjoyed the cruise experience for the first time. The ship, Celebrity Silhouette, which holds 2886 passengers, was beautiful, having recently been renovated. People had told me that the food would be awesome, and we found that to be so true. There were wonderful buffet arrangements for all three meals on one deck, as well as the formal dining room on another where we could order exquisite dinners and desserts, served by fancy waiters. Every evening there were excellent live shows in the theater which we attended. We had a lovely stateroom with a private balcony and special concierge amenities, and we enjoyed the shops, the pool deck, and the spa. We signed up for excursions on the three island ports where the ship docked: Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao, which were very interesting! They were all Dutch settlements and are still considered part of The Netherlands.

And in addition to all of that, I enjoyed the Abraham-Hicks Workshop which met in the Theater on the afternoons at sea and was the reason that I signed up for the cruise in the first place.
The workshop included six sessions in which Esther Hicks channeled the teachings of Abraham in response to people who volunteered and were chosen (from among the approximate 800 workshop attendees) to be in the "hot seat" asking questions of Abraham. I was amazed that people from all over the globe traveled to Fort Lauderdale for this cruise with Esther Hicks, and many of them had already been on three, four, or more of her workshop cruises. I met attendees from New Zealand, Australia, The Netherlands, Germany, Uraguay, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Belgium, and all across the United States. And I'm sure there were many from other countries that I didn't meet.

I took notes during the 15 hours of the workshops and condensed them into the attached "Synthesis," which you can read and/or print out, if you'd like.
Jerry and Esther created a free Introduction to Abraham recording that people can listen to, which explains the details of how their Abraham experience began and evolved. They posted the 74-minute Introduction as a free download on their website.

The button below takes you to the audio tapes on their website. There are 18 tracks in the program that describe who Abraham is and Abraham's teachings. You can listen to some of them individually or all of them. The later ones include Abraham speaking through Esther as Jerry asks questions. I think it is worth listening to. (FYI: I was able to listen on my phone but my home internet was not strong enough to bring it up on my computer.)
Here's a shorter introduction to Abraham . It is a video of Esther and Jerry explaining who Abraham is. It also shows Esther channeling Abraham in response to questions from an interviewer. Very Good--and humorous in parts!
Images From My Workshops on the Cruise
Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires
by Esther and Jerry Hicks

This book explains it all! If you have any interest in learning more about The Law of Attraction, this is an excellent resource. I highly recommend it. Shari
"This is, plain and simply, one of the most powerful books I have ever read. One's entire life can change because of what is found here. And all given with such love! This book is a Life Treasure." Neale Donald Walsch, the author of Conversations with God
[ This book]..."contains some of the most powerful teachings available to you on our planet today. I've been profoundly touched ... by the messages that Abraham offers in this book, and through the tapes that Esther and Jerry have been providing over the past 18 years....[Y]ou're about to embark on a life-changing journey offered to you by two of the most authentic and spiritually pure people I've ever encountered." Dr. Wayne Dyer in the Foreword to Ask and It Is Given
"These incredibly profound, yet simple and practical teachings of Abraham will have you trusting your inner guidance again, and will set you on course for the most uplifting adventures imaginable. Ask and It is Given is the road map to self-upliftment and a joyous life." Jack Canfield, co-author of the "Chicken soup for the Soul" series.
I am including another video of Esther Hicks channeling Abraham. This was not from my particular workshop but has a great explanation of what Abraham calls "the Vortex," which has to do with our Inner Being and where our answers are stored until we reach vibrational alignment with them.

Affirmations from
The Teachings of Abraham
Well-Being Cards
(These cards are great to use for daily affirmations to help
you think positive thoughts! They are available on Amazon.com.)
Quotes from others who teach about The Law of Attraction

From Mike Dooley:

"When it comes to the words you choose,
whether in your mind or amongst friends,
let them be of what you like and love.
What you care about and cherish.
What makes you happy. What gives you wings.
What makes you dream. And very little else."
Notes From The Universe, Mike Dooley

"Thoughts Become Things. Choose the Good Ones."
Mike Dooley www.tut.com

From Edgar Cayce:

"Spirit is Life. Mind is the Builder. The physical is the result."

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