Message from the President & CEO
I tried to find some inspirational quotes on the internet to kick start this welcome and the new year. There are many lists …65 best inspirational quotes for 2021, 120 best inspirational quotes, 50 short inspiration quotes (for those with short attention spans?), etc., etc.

After going partway down multiple lists I found I didn’t really like any.
What I really want to say to you at the beginning of this new year is simple. Thank you.
Thank you to our customers for your loyalty and for trusting us with your professional development whether that be in leadership, technology, or health services.
Thank you to our MCE employees, facilitators, and Mohawk College partners, past and present for believing in and supporting our vision to be the little training organization that could. As a result, we proudly serve all sectors in the province and beyond.
Thank you to our leaders including our Board of Directors, again, past and present for your guidance and support in good times and also when we struggled. You let me make mistakes and never said “we told you so!” 
Thank you to our readers for your consistent followership, your feedback, and your input. Without all of you, there would be no newsletter.
As I enter my tenth year leading MCE I am truly blessed to have a job I love. I am grateful for both the challenges and rewards, and above all for the people I have been met along the way.
My team and I look forward to working with and serving you in 2021 and beyond!  

Audie McCarthy | President & CEO
Course Spotlight:
MCE Short Series: Microlearning at Your Fingertips
The MCE Short Series was developed to deliver information in an interactive, concise way, using the principles of micro-learning in an hour-long, virtual format.

February 23, 2021 from 1:30pm to 2:30pm 

Explore the conceptual frameworks of implicit biases and their manifestation in our behaviours and attitudes. Discuss various forms of our unconscious influences and their implications. Examine promising strategies to build a healthy and bias-proof workplace environment.

March 23, 2021 from 1:30pm to 2:30pm

Discover the relationship between the four domains of the Emotional Intelligence Theory and Implicit Biases. Discuss various forms of our unconscious influences and their implications. Examine promising strategies to build a healthy and bias-proof workplace environment.

April 27, 2021 from 1:30pm to 2:30pm

Explore powerful strategies to mitigate implicit biases and promote a workplace that is inclusive, engaging, and empathetic. Discuss various forms of our unconscious influences and their implications. Examine promising strategies to build a healthy and bias-proof workplace environment.

Take advantage of the Series Package Rate! 3 Hours of Microlearning for $100!

The MCE Shorts Series Package brings all 3 quick learning modules into the comfort of your work environment at a discounted rate. You'll find that by attending all 3 modules, your dedication to improving your leadership skills will not go unnoticed in creating a more inclusive and emphatic leadership style. Research continues to prove that the MCE Shorts Series modules are skills for Future Ready Leadership.

Access the package rate HERE. Only until February 22, 2021.
GridSmartCity® and MCE to Host Alumni Event for GSC Graduates

GridSmartCity® and MCE are excited to collaborate on a unique Alumni event, which sees over 75 graduates of a customized Future Ready Leadership Essential Skills program return for a virtual day of collaboration and participation with a ‘Leadership Panel’. 

Audie McCarthy, President & CEO of Mohawk College Enterprise, speaks to an ongoing training partnership with GridSmartCity® and the reasoning for an alumni event.

“We are proud to work with this unique organization in their quest for the ongoing development of leadership skills in the electricity industry. Having graduated 75 participants since 2019, we at MCE felt it was important to acknowledge this achievement with an Alumni event.”

GridSmartCity® is unique as it is made up of 15 LDC partners collaborating together to be a leading innovator in Ontario’s electricity sector.

Read the event release HERE for more.
Staffing Updates

Welcome back
We always could spot a friend
Welcome back
And I smile when I think
How you must have been

Sue Elliot rejoins the team to lead business development in the Peel, GTA, and Northern Ontario regions. This appointment came about as Erin Volk, previous BDO for the business development areas, has moved on to a position with McMaster University. MCE wishes Erin well in her endeavors as we 'Welcome Back Ms. Elliot.'

In other team news, Marci Ruhl adds the Halton region to her portfolio of business development in the region of greater Hamilton.
HR Toolkit for SME's Now Available Online

The purpose of the Hamilton HR Toolkit, Your Competitive Advantage, is to provide information on HR best practices for small to medium-sized business owners.

This toolkit was developed in partnership with Workforce Planning Hamilton (WPH) and Mohawk College Enterprise.

Recently updated and packed with downloadable resources and templates, this Toolkit was designed to be a single-source to get started on addressing HR needs.

Visit the online PORTAL for the main Toolkit as well as links to Resources and Templates.
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