Dear Amazing Reader,     
We are winding up the for the last days of the store. This week everything that wasn't ordered specifically for you is 15% off.
As of today we have the holiday cards and things on display so think ahead! 
Saturday, August 25, Thank You and Goodbye Party 4-9pm. Food, drink and lots of appreciation for you, our wonderful customers. Let's share book stories.  We will have some giveaways and treats too!  
Next week, the week of August 27, all (nonordered) books on sale at 30% off.   
Friday, August 31, Last Day and closing at 6pm.  Or when the kleenex runs out. 
We have a whole rack of children's books at 25% off and have now put all of our holiday titles on sale for 25% off too! Get here soon for the best selection.  

If you know teachers, let them know that we still have a whole bunch of freebies for them from reading guides to posters. All they have to do is ask.

        Happy reading and take care of each other.
It has been my distinct honor and pleasure being your bookseller.

Audio book and ebook downloads still available at

Wednesday, August 22 at 7pm
Perfectly Queer East Bay, the lineup this month includes
Natasha Dennerstein, Gar McVey-Russell
Anand Vedawala,Vernon Keeve III
Luiza Flynn-Goodlett
who will be reading from selected works

Thursday, August 23 at 6pm
In conjunction with Bay Area Lesbian Archives
Bonnie Morris will be here in support of The Feminist Revolution
The Feminist Revolution offers an overview of women's struggle for equal rights in the late twentieth century. Beginning with the auspicious founding of the National Organization for Women in 1966, at a time when women across the world were mobilizing individually and collectively in the fight to assert their independence and establish their rights in society, the book traces a path through political campaigns, protests, the formation of women's publishing houses and groundbreaking magazines, and other events that shaped women's history.  

Saturday, August 25, 4 to 9pm
Thank You and Goodbye Party

It's important that you support your local businesses, whether near your home or your work. Get out and see what is near you. If you need something, check locally before you go online. Chances are, with a little effort, you'll find what you need. And if you don't, try asking a merchant if they can get it for you. I've gotten to know how amazing the retail community is in downtown Oakland and would love for everyone else to take the time to explore and support the businesses that we have here. It truly takes all of us to make a community and how you shop determines it.  
For example, if you don't know Nenna at Feelmore, you should. It's a comfortable and positive space for sexuality. Plus she makes awesome videos and does crazy things. Check her and her store out.   
Feelmore Adult Gallery is located at 1703 Telegraph Ave. which is 2 blocks from the Laurel Bookstore in Downtown Oakland. We have been open for 8+ years; 2 years selling out the trunk of a car. Items we sell range from books to lubricant, vibrators, cock rings....hope you get the idea that we are a sex store. We pride ourselves on Customer Service and gain value by valuing those that choose to call Feelmore theirs! Shopping downtown has grown frustrating for many but using our delivery service through Postmates and utilizing a "drop location" in the Laurel District has proved to lubricate customer's frustrations into joy! With our motto: "It's More Than Just Sex" , we hope you gain a sense of how we engage with community. In the meantime, our goods are online at ''; watch how Feelmore loves community: 
Have you been to Marion + Rose Fine Goods?  
Marion + Rose Fine Goods is a lifestyle boutique filled with unique objects for living a life surrounded by comfort, craftsmanship and love. We carry a variety of carefully selected items by innovative designers, artisans, and craftspeople, showcasing items made with care and consciousness.. Let's get back to conscious consuming. We seek out the perfect blend of unique and useful goods for the person and home. We work with artisans and companies who have small scale, sustainable, and ethical manufacturing processes. While many of our vendors are local, our focus is on finding items of quality and originality, a search that takes us where we need to be.   
How about the Downtown Wine Merchant?  Susanne Breen, the proprietor was born and raised in Germany and has spent the past 20 years in the American hospitality industry. After traveling the US while working in fine dining restaurants in New York, Chicago and Santa Fe, she came to San Francisco, fell in love with it's vibrant food & wine scene and made it her home. Over the years she has been a General Manager and Wine Buyer for several well known restaurants in the Bay Area. Come for the wine but stay for the food- it's really good.

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