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Paper Machine
Hands-on Papermaking
There's still time to register for this two-day course, September 8-9. The class is limited to 16 participants but space is still available. The course is taught by Dr. Gerry Ring, professor emeritus and former chair of the UW-Stevens Point Paper Science and Engineering Program. For more information and to register now visit the course web page.
Optimizing Sheet Structure for Maximal Product Performance
This course includes both classroom discussion/lecture and hands-on experience to improve students' understanding of sheet properties.
  • Understand why paper making
    fibers floc
  • Understand manufacturing techniques that minimize fiber floccing
  • Understand the relationship between paper properties and formation
  • Understand both visual and instrumental measurement
    of formation
  • Understand the difficulties associated with the correlation of visual formation assessment and the instrument measurement
. Check out the course website for more information and to register today.
WIST offers these short courses in paper making in partnership with TAPPI. Learn more at our WIST/TAPPI Education website: 

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