Yep, we've all been cooped up inside for a bit too long (postcards from quarantine) . . .
Kenny & Dana (left), Nichelle & Marty (above), Angie (right), OSU propaganda from Matt
Submitted by Angie:

Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side of course!
Thanks to everyone that sent in pictures this week Keep them coming!
Everyone at CLI is ready to help. Just let us know how!
John's Usual Excuses & Apologies-- I hope that everyone is well. It is hard to know Ohio's DD system will want providers like CLI to do as things begin to reopen in May. Right now we are still allowed to operate very small isolated hubs (up to 8 clients/2 staff), but honestly so far 95% of people seem to be doing fine at home. CLI is operating at 1/3 staffing right now-- supporting people in their homes, redesigning programs, and slowly expanding activities. As we open back up, CLI's services will have to look very different. A few changes for sure:
  • Universal precautions-- CLI will be practicing & teaching universal precautions (including social distancing). Learn to love wearing a mask. On the upside, pimples are invisible now.
  • We will be allowed to use the workshop building, but will have to treat it like any other "hub" space, which means that there will never be more than 2 separate groups of up to 8 people in the building.
  • 38 West Seminary & 16 West Main Street will be only be available to individuals whose support needs require a building. All other CLI services will need to be provided in separate spaces.
  • Transportation will look a lot different too since it's no longer acceptable to expose people to each other in the vans. The goal will be to have the staff assigned to a day's activities also provide the transportation to/from that activity. The name of the game is limiting exposure.
  • Visitors to/from CLI spaces will be extremely limited. Best practice will be for us to help people step outside our spaces to meet with visitors for the summer. Obviously we'll need to sort this out better by the fall when it starts getting cold again.
There are LOTS of other details sort out. As you know, Ohio pays CLI for day programs in large 12-person groups. Now that those large groups are no longer legal, it's anyone's guess as to what the state is going to do to support programs-- especially in light of the huge amount of money Ohio and the rest of the US have thrown at this problem this spring. However, the opportunity to change is (almost) never a bad thing in my book. We'll figure this out together.

Whatever comes at us, CLI is in this for you and for the larger community. Please ask for help if you need it-- or if your family or your neighbors need it. We aren't worried about eligibility at the moment. CLI is fortunate to have resources to help right now, but those resources are only as good as the use we make out of them. We want to be part of the bigger solution.

That's it for now. Stay safe. We look forward to seeing everyone soon.
"A ship in harbor is safe,
but that's not what ships are for"
--John A. Shedd
The FREE Good Works Cafe drive-thru is open for lunch every Tuesday. All tips & donations go toward buying more food either for future Tuesday Cafes or will be donated to area food banks.
For a $20 donation, we'll bring lunch to you!
Upcoming CLI activities this week:
27 - Monday
Healthy Cooking

28 - Tuesday
Dash and Dine
Norwalk Reservoir walk w/ Jen Swicker

29 - Wednesday
Fun Bags Delivered
Virtually Work Fit w/ Tab

30 - Thursday
Willard Reservoir Walk w/ Jen Swicker

May 1 - Frid ay (like that matters anymore!)
Weekly Contest Announcement
You can't see Denny's left hand, but we're guessing that there is a travel cup of coffee in it!
Other virtual resources:
Check out "Huron County MOVES" - a fun opportunity to be active with a chance to win prizes! 
What is it? A virtual fitness challenge, created through a partnership between Levels Gym (Willard); Norwalk Parks & Recreation (Norwalk);Willard Parks & Recreation (Willard); Huron County Family & Children First Council; Determination Nutrition (Willard); and Willard Community Connections (Willard). The purpose is to encourage Huron County families to get active, by walking, running or riding a bike, tracking their progress, and submitting via email to us on a daily basis. Prize baskets awarded on a weekly basis.
CLI might be able to sponsor some online music lessons next week. Would you enjoy this?
Wednesday Delivery #inthistogeteherohio!
CLI fun bags had wildflower seed bombs inside recently (thank you Rhonda!). Marcia & Tracey each put this to quick & productive use. We'll have to check back in with her in a few weeks.
Nice job Women!
Call Rhonda White at 419-706-5136 if you want a
#inthistogether yardsign & we'll deliver it on Wednesday!
Lots of art projects going on at home!

... and cards, lots of UNO!
It's good to see that people are still exercising!

(left) Christina grunts it out in the
cruel & unusual
Jamison Boot Camp

(right) Angie heeds the call of nature with Jenny Swicker
And speaking of our own Jenny Swicker-- Holly & John would like to thank everyone for the many, many questions & prank phone calls about Holly's chickens or John's car. So, what we want to know is what we should do to thank Ms. Swicker?
Got a good idea? Send an email to!
As Ohio gets ready to open up again, would you like to join CLI for some safe, appropriate fun?
Yes - anywhere
Yes - but only outside
Not yet - I'm going to wait this out a while longer, but maybe in a little bit.
No - I've decided that I never want to leave my house ever again
Want another idea to keep things moving inside the box you're stuck in? How about a relaxing workout in! It's great for the body and the mind!
YogaWorks is  live streaming  many classes for free through YouTube, ranging from 60 to 90 minutes.