Dash & Dine!
Short-order Swick on the meat grill (left) & Rhonda as the one-woman assembly line
And Tab delivers the goods!
Sarah and Andy passed away during this stay-at-home period. Each had lots & lots of friends not only at CLI & Firelands Local, but in the larger community as well. Probably the worst thing about the stay-at-home order is that we can't make exceptions about gathering for the important stuff either. Later this summer, CLI will help organize celebrations of life for Andy, Sarah, and others so that we can all tell stories and remember how much better our lives were because of having these guys in it!
Stable Account Information: By the end of May, many Americans will have received a stimulus check from the federal government. Stable accounts are great tools for people with disabilities and would be a smart way to put aside some emergency money for the next rainy day. If you would like more information about Stable Accounts and/or other helpful information about how to save and invest these funds and maintain needs-based government benefits. Stay safe and please direct any questions to 1-800-439-1653 or  team@stableaccount.com .
Upcoming CLI activities this week:
Healthy Cooking

4/21 -- Dash and Dine
Socially Distant Norwalk Reservoir Walk

4/22 -- Fun Bags Delivered
Work Fit w/ Tab

4/23 -- Socially Distant Willard Reservoir Walk

4/24 -- Weekly Contest Announcement
Wednesday Delivery #inthistogeteherohio!
Other fun options:
Check out "Huron County MOVES" - a fun opportunity to be active with a chance to win prizes! 
What is it? A virtual fitness challenge, created through a partnership between Levels Gym (Willard); Norwalk Parks & Recreation (Norwalk);Willard Parks & Recreation (Willard); Huron County Family & Children First Council; Determination Nutrition (Willard); and Willard Community Connections (Willard). The purpose is to encourage Huron County families to get active, by walking, running or riding a bike, tracking their progress, and submitting via email to us on a daily basis. Prize baskets will be awarded on a weekly basis. The more entries you send in, the higher your chance of winning a prize
(1 per day max). 
Call Rhonda White at 419-706-5136 if you want a
#inthistogether yardsign & we'll deliver it on Wednesday!
Road Trip - COVID style
New Friends
Christina eyes
Dana's easter basket
Lots of time for Art now
We may all be getting a little stir-crazy, but full-disclosure, this was a pre-pre-COVID pic!
And even more time for food, right?
As Ohio gets ready to open up again, would you like to join CLI for some safe, appropriate fun?
Yes - anywhere
Yes - but only outside
Not yet - I'm going to wait this out a while longer, but maybe in a little bit.
No - I've decided that I never want to leave my house ever again
Want another idea to keep things moving inside the box you're stuck in? How about a relaxing workout in! It's great for the body and the mind!
YogaWorks is  live streaming  many classes for free through YouTube, ranging from 60 to 90 minutes.