You are receiving this email because you are a confirmed exhibitor in the
40th Annual Gloucester Waterfront Festival
August 21 & 22, 2021
Stage Fort Park - Gloucester, MA
As you are aware . . .
The City of Gloucester required ALL Exhibitors
We will be handing these out to Exhibitors
early Saturday.
Please be sure Permits are kept visible.
Thank you.
Welcome again to the
40th Annual Gloucester Waterfront Festival
August 21 & 22, 2021
Stage Fort Park - Gloucester, MA
Event Dates
& Hours:
August 21 
9am - 6pm
August 22
9am - 5pm
Set Up Hours:
  • Friday 8/20 from 1pm to 8pm
  • Saturday 8/21 from 6am to 8am
All exhibitors must be onsite and booths ready to open by 8:30am
Health & Safety
Castleberry Exhibitors and Staff must adhere to all local and state mandates as well as Safe Social Distancing Guidelines.
Check In
Castleberry Registration is located at the event entrance gate.
On a more personal note . . .
Our dear friend George Carrancho (Harbor Candle Co)
passed away in January.
Please join us Saturday 8/21 @ 7pm in the big tent to share
some food and drink and memories of George.
After a wicked long day, we will all be exhausted, this is a very informal gathering, laid back, come as you are, sit a bit,
grab a bite and just chill :)
Back to the Show Stuff . . .
All Tents, Canopies or any material used to cover your booth MUST be FIRE RATED  
  • "flame and or fire retardant or flame and or fire resistant."
This is a standard Certification that comes with most canopies.
If you have treated your Tent or Canopy with flame retardant spray bring the certification with you to the Show. Please be sure you have some kind of proof with you at the show, that your canopy is fire rated. This could be attached to the canopy (stamped, stitched, printed) or on your carry bag or in the printed documentation that came with the canopy when you purchased it. I suggest you contact the manufacturer and have them email you this proof or certificate.
  • Vehicles may drive into the event grounds to unload relatively close to their space.
  • Immediately after unloading Exhibitors must park in designated area - on the ball field or behind your space whenever possible.
Caution - uneven grass and wind
  • All booths are set on a gentle incline of grass and gravel. Please be prepared to set up on uneven ground.
  • This venue is directly on the waterfront with exposure to wind. A single gust can ruin inventory and destroy canopies. Please be sure to bring both weights and stakes to secure your booth and canopy. 
  • Exhibitors MUST weigh down canopy and booth.
  • Every vehicle requires a Parking Pass.
  • Parking Passes will be given out at check in.
  • Pass must be visible in your front windshield at all times.
  • Designated Exhibitor Parking is located within the GATED festival grounds.
  • YOU MUST arrive before 8AM Saturday and Sunday to park on site for free. At 8:15AM the gate is closed and vehicles are NOT allowed to drive in or out of the event grounds during show hours.
  • Exhibitor Parking for the entire day is located within the gated event grounds:
  • Behind the food court, in the outfield.
See signs on site.
  • If your booth is located at the far end perimeter you may be able to park behind the last row of canopies, if there is space.
  • All vehicles will be "packed in" and remain parked during event hours.
  • IMPORTANT: If you need to leave during event hours YOU MUST park outside of the gated event grounds.
  • Free parking is available along Stacy Boulevard or at Gloucester High School.
  • Pay to park (at your own expense) in the Paid Parking lot across the street from event grounds (Beach Parking.)
  • Cargo Trailers may be dropped on the ball field perimeter or behind your booth, if space allows.
  • Pre-Registered DRY RV Parking is located:
  • In the small gated field across the street from the event grounds, behind "The Cupboard."
  • If you RV Park in this Area :
  • Please "dummy" lock the gate behind you
  • Do NOT Block access to the Gate or portable toilets.
  • All Generators must be off by 10PM.
  • Within the event grounds behind the last row of canopies at the top of the hill.
  • RVs will be packed in and must remain parked until after 5pm on Sunday.
  • Tenting is also allowed behind the central booths.
  • Please note: This is NOT Camping. No outdoor cooking or open flames allowed.
  • There are no showers on site.
  • Free Coffee & Donuts will be provided on Saturday 6:30-8:30 AM. 
  • There are no local convenience stores within walking distance. Many fair food options available during event hours. Snack Bar - The Cupboard across the street. The Rotary Club will host its annual Pancake Breakfast on Saturday from 7-10:30AM near the Welcome Center.
  • Portable Toilets & Wash Station are located on home plate in the ball field beyond the food court.
  • Flush Toilets are located at the Welcome Center, behind the gazebo, on top of the hill across from Beach Parking access.
  • There is NO electricity available at this venue. 
Ice Delivery
NOT Confirmed
  • Cape Pond Ice usually delivers twice daily but this year is NOT CONFIRMED
You can contact them at
Rental Equipment
  • If you wish to rent a tent, table or chairs contact: The Event Company: (978) 283-4884
  • There is no ATM on site. The closest bank is located about 1 mile away from event.
  • Security will be on site at 8:00pm on Friday and remain until 6:00am on Saturday. Security will return at 6:00pm Saturday and remain until 7:00am Sunday. 
  • Security is only a deterrent. We are not responsible for loss or damages. 
  • You MUST cover/enclose your booth at closing each day. 
Sales Tax
  • Massachusetts' Sales Tax is 6.25%
  • All exhibitors are responsible for removing their own garbage.
  • Please DO NOT use trash cans on site, these are for shoppers only. 
  • Kindly separate all trash and put in the appropriate dumpsters located behind the Food Court Tent.
  • Please make sure to clean up after the show, leaving your space as you had found it. 
Rules & Regulations
Important Note to ALL Food Vendors 

  • The Gloucester Health Department requires all Specialty Food and Food Vendors apply
  • Permit Fee: $75/$150
  • Send completed Permit, all requested documents/info and Permit Fee to the Town of Gloucester Health Dept.
City of Gloucester Health Dept.
3 Pond Road, City Hall Annex
Gloucester, MA 01930

  • If you have any questions please call
  • (978) 325-5260

  • Please be sure to bring with you to the show any Health Permits, Serv Safe Certification, Allergen Awareness Certification and/or Proof that the food you are sampling or selling is made in an inspected facility, and product labels.
  • Gloucester Health Department will be on site for inspections at 8am on Saturday 8/21/2021.
  • We request that all Food Vendors supply Castleberry Fairs with a copy of their own Health Permit or Proof that the food they are sampling or selling is made in an inspected facility. Please send this info to our office ASAP.
  • Please bring with you to the event a copy of all food local or state permits and or licenses to have on site.
Food Vendors who use Propane
  • IF you use propane and you have more than two tanks at 20 pounds each (40 pounds max), you must obtain a Propane Permit through Gloucester Fire Prevention.
  • In order to obtain a permit you need to click here to
set up an online account to apply for the permit.
  • Fire Prevention will bill you $100.00.
  • Fire Prevention will be onsite Saturday 8/21/2021 for inspections.
If you have any questions regarding the Propane Permit contact: Gloucester Fire Prevention
Phone: (978) 325-5315
Links of Interest
Exhibitor List: Check out who will be at the show.

Directions: Driving Directions to the event
  • From Route 128 take Exit 53 (formerly Exit 14)
  • GPS Address: 24 Hough Avenue, Gloucester, MA

Weather: This event is held outdoor rain, snow, or shine.
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