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Hot Wheels #35 BRE Datsun 510 highlighted in Premium car collector box         Nov 6 , 2017

We knew these model sets were going to be special but when a model collector stopped by the shop and saw them, he flipped.  He went on, and on, about how valuable each of the models in this set are, let alone they are combined in this Hot Wheels Car Culture Premium box set, which of course showcases the #35 BRE Datsun 510 on the cover of the box!

With this being the #35 car we are only making 35 numbered and autographed sets available. Numbered (01/35 - 35/35), autographed by BRE team owner and manager, Peter Brock

Outside of the numbered and autographed models, we are also making 10 sets available (no numbers) with a BRE archive photo signed by Peter Brock. 

If you are ordering the numbered model set, you can also add the autographed archive photo for an additional $25 (that's the normal price for an unsigned photo).

More details on each set are below.
Don't wait!
Peter & Gayle Brock
Amazing Hot Wheels Car Culture Premium 5 Model Set
Your eyes do not deceive you! Five amazing Hot Wheels. Read on for details.

This is pretty special!... Limited to only 35 numbered and autographed sets, this is a pretty amazing offer... and no one else has it! 

Hot Wheels previously created five-car model boxed sets that included HW Redliners, AIR-CooLED, RACE DAY, Modern CLASSICS and CARS & Donuts. They took the most valued model out of each set and created this Car Culture Premium Boxed Set. The #35 BRE Datsun 510 of course takes center stage on the cover of the box.

We are offering 35 of these sets, numbered and autographed by BRE team owner and manager, Peter Brock.

With this numbered and autographed set you receive:
  • The Premium box numbered & autographed by Peter Brock with the following 5 Hot Wheels models inside
  • '71 BRE #35 510 model Hot Wheels model, numbered and autographed by Peter Brock
  • '65 Mercury Comet Cyclone Hot Wheels model. A model collector told us this is a very in-demand model.
  • '65 MoonEyes VW Fastback Hot Wheels model. Our personal favorite, after the BRE Datsun 510 of course!
  • '84 Mustang SVO Hot Wheels model. A model our collector friend says is of the utmost quality.
  • '13 COPO Camaro Hot Wheels model in the striking Gulf livery

We could split up the set and sell the models individually for much more money, but we aren't going to. Why? Because the collector box has the wonderful #35 BRE Datsun 510 on the front!! 


Note: below you will see 10 sets we are offering that are NOT numbered.  Instead of being numbered they come with an autographed archive photo.  You can add this autographed archive photo to the numbered set when you order for an additional $25 (the same price the photo would cost without the autograph).


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Hot Wheels 5 Car Set - Unnumbered
10 Sets not numbered but come with autographed box, model and archive photo

This set contains exactly the same 5 cars as the numbered set we're offering above. The box and BRE 510 model card are also autographed like the set above.

We are offering 10 of these unnumbered sets. They differ from the numbered set above as:
  • These 10 sets are not numbered like the set above.
  • This set comes with an autographed archive photo.
  • Note: you can add the autographed archived photo to the set above when you order.
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*Still 4 left* 1:43 BRE Limited Edition GTR model
While they last, numbered and autographed

Of the 46 Special Edition numbered and autographed models we have 4 left. 
  • Model numbers remaining are 07/46, 43/46, 44/46 and 45/46
  • Models are numbered on the base
  • Matching number is also on a gold foil seal on the case
  • Model bases are autographed by BRE Team Manager/Owner Peter Brock and Championship driver John Morton 

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Gayle & Peter Brock

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