JIM CARROLL, Chief Engineer and Project Manager...  has been with our team for nearly 5 five years and continues to do a fantastic job of building and maintaining accurate system design and layouts. He works directly with an AutoCad technician and assigns new work projects to two installation managers. To ensure the project is carried out in excellence, Jim advises them with material procurement, submittal and close out documentation for all company project assignments. Lastly, he understands that customers are our most important asset, thus, acting as a liaison between the sales staff and the installation department. Jim recognizes the importance of gaining the  respect and trust of all our customers through fair pricing, unsurpassed customer service and excellent service throughout installation and beyond. On both a personal and professional level, we appreciate the work, ideas, and committment Jim has brought to EES over the years!

Duke University  is a  private   research university  whose growth and academic focus have contributed to the need for expansion and modern technology updates. In recent years EES has supplied the fire and/or security systems to many of Duke University's buildings, including the Seeley Mudd Building, Gross Hall, East Campus Steam Plant, and more. Our most recent installation assignment was in the 107,886 square foot Sands Research Building. Duke's faculty is among the most productive in the nation. Throughout the school's history, Duke researchers have made major breakthroughs, including the biomedical engineering department's development of the world's first real-time, three-dimensional ultrasound diagnostic system and the first engineered blood vessels (Research Duke BME. Pratt School of Engineering. Retrieved January 12, 2011.). We here at EES are honored to be a small part of very big achievements. 

Michael Edwards, President and CEO
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