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The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it. -Molière
In the age of COVID-19 we continue to rise to the challenge of creating entertainment choices for you that are beyond the numerous streaming choices you have access to. This month we offer you two virtual shows, a murder mystery in the classic Murder Cafe style and a living history tour shot on location at the Old Dutch Church in Kingston, New York. We also have available a radio program, the classic American comedy Arsenic and Old Lace.

But first, a dose of reality.

This a difficult time for all of us, financially and emotionally. All theatre arts organizations have been hard hit. Like you, we've never experienced circumstances like COVID-19. Before the pandemic we had been averaging 45 life performances a year with a combination of public, private and fundraising shows at a variety of locations. Last year our shows raised over $31,000 for various charities.

Adhering to all federal, state and local COVID-19 restrictions we do not see Murder Cafe returning to a stage or a dining room near you until Summer 2021. But, we remain steadfast in our commitment to you to provide a source of entertainment, laughter, amusement and relief.

How can you help?

If your personal circumstances allow, pleases consider making a donation to Murder Cafe. A gift in any amount will allow us to continue to provide you with radio shows and filmed murder mysteries. We ask you to help ensure that when the threat of COVID-19 finally has passed, and it will pass, we are able to hit the road again and welcome you and our entire community back to the engaging whodunits and comedy and mystery shows our followers have come to expect from us.

The donation button is below the entertainment options we are offering this month.

Stay safe and healthy and thank you for listening and hanging in there with us.

Frank Marquette
Murder Cafe
Hudson Valley Radio Theatre
Arsenic and Old Lace
The Radio Play
This month Hudson Valley Radio Theatre will present its 13th program, the classic American comedy, Arsenic and Old Lace. This is the same show, with the same amazing cast, we staged on Bannerman Island last year. The radio version will feature an exclusive interview with Sara Karloff, the daughter of Broadway and Hollywood legend Boris Karloff. He was in the original Broadway production of Arsenic and Old Lace and later starred in the radio version.

Arsenic and Old Lace is now available and on our website, YouTube and 9 other platforms. To easily access the program, and the 13 others we have available at no charge, click below.

The Night of the Witches Wedding
For the past 22 years we have presented a Halloween themed murder mystery - LIVE. This year things are a little different. We now have available on our website a virtual version of The Night of the Witches Wedding.

Once a century on, All Hallows Eve, the Willobee Witch’s Coven gathers to conjure a groom for Lily Le Fey, a young maiden. During this evening of fun and fright, Blair Witch and Bea Witch stir up a sea of potions and curses that summon three unworthy grooms, namely Dick of York, Baron Darin and Uncle Antoine. Each meets a horrible end. Which witch spiked the spells? 

Our virtual version of The Night of the Witches Wedding is only $12 to access. We can't promise dinner but we will deliver the type of show you've come to enjoy and expect from Murder Cafe.

To easily access the video click below.

Living History Virtual Cemetery Tour
Theatre on the Road offers you a “living history” tour that was filmed in the cemetery of the church in October. Take a trip across three centuries and meet seven characters who made a lasting mark on the area.

On your tour you'll meet Calvert Vaux, an architect who designed New York’s Central Park and many of the Hudson Valley’s finest residences. Visitors will also witness the banter between Sadie and Elsie Reher, two sisters whose family owned a bakery on the Rondout. Jenny Hasbrouck, an enslaved person who took her own freedom, will make an appearance, along with the mysterious Abigail who talks about what death teaches us about life. Emily Crane Chadbourne, an art collector and philanthropist, will regale us with her story and Rachel Hasbrouck, a woman who survived a Tory attack while escaping the burning of Kingston, will finish the tour.

The fee is access the virtual tour is only $10.

The Living History Virtual Cemetery Tour will be available November 15th on and
Bah Humbug!
Due to COVID-19 regulations and restrictions this will be the first holiday season in 21 years we will not be presenting our public dinner theatre version of A CHRISTMAS CAROL

As you know it is against state and county regulations to advertise a public event that includes dining, music and live performance. In accordance with this mandate A CHRISTMAS CAROL will not be performed during any public dinner theater events in December.

Although we will miss Scrooge, the Ghosts of Christmas, the Cratchits, Tiny Tim and you we do not want to put at risk.

We look forward to presenting A CHRISTMAS CAROL at a location near you in 2021.
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