September 11, 2019

Dear Class of 2021 Parents,

I know your child has just started their Junior year, but I wanted to be sure you are aware of the Senior Service requirement for graduation from Bishop Kelly.  I want you to be familiar with the requirements and let you know that there may be some things your Junior should be thinking about right now in the process!

Students are required to complete 30 hours of service with one agency or organization, or participate on a service trip.  They receive one credit for completing the project, and must complete it in order to graduate. We strongly encourage students to try and complete this requirement over the summer before their Senior year.  The deadline for anyone who participates on a trip or gets all 30 hours over the summer will be two weeks after school is back in session. For those who complete their project during the school year the final project deadline will be in April of 2021.

One way to complete this requirement is to participate on a service trip. Bishop Kelly conducts a trip to New Orleans right after school is out at the end of May and first of June. In order to go on this trip, students need to fill out an application and get references from teachers or coaches.  I wanted you to be aware that this process will start in just a few weeks! There is a lot that goes into planning a trip like this, and it needs to be done well in advance! There will be announcements in BK Alive for a parent information meeting on October 9th, and announcements will be made at school regarding the application process.

There are also trips organized and run by other agencies that qualify for credit for the Senior Service project.  Watch BK Alive for more information on some of these trips.

For those who are not anticipating participating on a trip, the requirement for the Senior Service project is 30 hours of service with one agency or organization. Next Spring, I will meet with the Junior class to go over the requirements of the program.  We will hold a Service Fair in April when various agencies and organizations from around the Valley will be here on campus to give students an idea of what types of volunteer programs are available. I will send another letter after the first of the year with all of the Senior Service requirements and deadlines.

The expectation for the Service project is that it will be completed during the summer between a student’s Junior and Senior year, or during the school year their Senior year.  However, if your child has a unique opportunity to complete their project in the spring of their Junior year, please contact me so we can discuss and get approval for early completion of their Senior Service project.

I hope this information is helpful to you as your Junior goes forward with their project. If you have any questions along the way, please feel free to contact me. My goal is to make sure all of the students find a meaningful project to work on, and get it done in a timely fashion!

Joan Colleran
Student Service Coordinator
Bishop Kelly High School
208-375-6010 ext 2068