Just in case you have any questions…

And by the way, you have an incredible staff, working
extremely well together


Dear Dr. ,

Just picture the perfect day — about 70 degrees and not a cloud in the sky — the sun is beaming down illuminating confidence, security, and purpose — workers scurry around with seriousness and determination — the patients know they belong - your business is booming.


There’s one area of the business that needs a little sharpening. Or tweaking might be a better term. This one area WILL be improved over-night. You, your staff, and your patients would all welcome this new service with opened arms.

Before I forget!

I stopped by a few days ago and dropped-off some information about our company. Your staff was again, pleasant and accommodating. The packet has everything you need to get started. 

Take a look at:

“…how you’ll bask in comfort knowing you’re working with a company who’s been around over 12 years and speaks English, Russian, Spanish, Hebrew, Polish, and Italian…”

“…how you’ll delight when you discover how a company can cover The Five New York City Boroughs, plus parts of New Jersey and Westchester County with the precision to deliver every-time…”

“…why you’re going to be amazed with the mass selection of the newest and most sought after surgical supplies that covers whatever you need and everything in between…”

Your patients are the life blood of your business. You’ll appreciate how we put your patients first; how, it’s a MUST for you to be 100% satisfied 100% of the time.

Before I forget, again!

I’m for certain that what I dropped off the other day contains valuable material that will help make your transition a lot easier. 

“—-You’ve probably seen the professionally color designed folder because it’s very noticeable, easy to read, and I’m sure caught your attention but you were too busy—-“

“—-You’ll recognize the value in the list of “ approved insurance companies”, located inside the folder—-“

“—-You’ll also ponder using our face sheet that’s available for your convenience including the fax, phone, email and also a space to put your prescription—-“

“—-But, the most useful item you’ll find inside, is the brochure which includes eye-popping photos of all the supplies that you and your team are ever going to need—-“

Straight From Google Reviews…

   “I want to thank you all for your kindness and caring with the way you treated my mother in this situation and really helped her. I rented a power chair for my mother who could no longer get around, She is very independent but did not have the strength to use a manual chair, I knew nothing about how to rent a motorized chair so I trusted the folks at Welcare Pharmacy.”

   “Friendly, efficient and competent. Polite staff, quick refills and good prices An amiable neighborhood pharmacy with a very good selection of surgical supplies, that has a lot to offer over the big chains . one of the best pharmacy in Brooklyn Welcare took care of all our family needs, compounding medication, Surgical prescribed shoes, The pharmacy owner is part of the community - he lives in the area and also works at the store. He showed genuine interest in me as a customer and offered a generic drug, when available to save me money.”

Dr. Anthony Russo
   “Excellent service by Welcare, drug store for all your surgical needs come here, they do casting, they specialize in diabetic, orthopedic shoes, topical creams, extremely fast delivery like no other in Williamsburg Brooklyn Highly recommended by many medical professionals in the neighborhood. This a speciality pharmacy who truly care for their customers needs. They go above and beyond for all their customers because they truly care. Thank you A+ rating take my word for it!”

These are very powerful reviews that makes everyone here at Welcare Pharmacy very proud. We hope you’re really starting to understand “it’s all about YOU .” You are the The Doctor, The Practitioner, The Business Owner , who craves this service for his patients and customers. The same old routine has flaws. There are alternatives.

Just, one more thing!

“Isn’t it great how easy it is to make positive changes in your business in a matter of days not weeks or months. A Google search changes everything.
You always have to be on top of your game. And the benefits of having a good-quality-pharmacy-and- surgical -supply-company are many.”

Such as…

>>> special compounding for neuropathic pain -sciatica, diabetic neuropathy, anti- inflammatory pain, onychomycosis, gout treatment and so much more.

>>> to often patients become embarrassed about a medical condition - your patients privacy is very important to you.

>>> loyal and grateful patients who didn’t know that most insurance plans cover the cost of surgical supplies.

>>> Fast 24 hour delivery service to the front door of your customer along with technicians and specialist that can help with installation or setup.

Make No Mistake About It, We Take Your/Our Business Seriously.

Putting your faith and confidence in the execution and delivery of your prescriptions and surgical supplies, are “ giant steps and should not be taken lightly.” You’ve work hard - you’ve had your struggles like everyone else. Nevertheless, you feel compelled to consider your options. You must know if there is something better than what you’re currently doing. 

I promise, one last thing!

Welcare Pharmacy and Surgical Supply OFFERS the solution! You’ll have the best of both worlds - you’ll be working with an organization that’ll make your life a lot easier - you’ll have a direct contact person (me) who lives in the Bronx and readily available to help assist with the small growing pains. Change can be a little scary - but just imagine life and your business without CHANGE .

Thanks for your time.

Charles Brown
Marketing Associate

P.S. Dr. , I’d love to stop by and have formal introductions. You’re very busy and don’t have a lot of time for sales talk - but you do have a minute for making your office more efficient. Hope to talk soon.