Issue VII
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The Public Needs Saving, Not the Humanities
by Stephen Groening

If the mission of the public humanities is to produce greater dialogue between academics and non-academics, it’s not clear to me how these initiatives actually foster and support the work of non-academics. Not just because of funding distribution, but because the entire project rests upon the premise that somehow turning Judith Butler’s Gender Trouble from a dense and difficult book into a blog or Lauren Berlant’s Cruel Optimism into a series of YouTube videos would inject new energy into the humanities, produce widespread interest in humanities scholarship, and even re-energize a moribund field. In other words, the humanities are conceived of as a good product with bad marketing.
Remembering the German Democratic Republic through the Open Memory Box Project
by Lawrence Davis

The fragmentary nature of the films overall is both a plus and a minus for the viewer. Anyone with a scant understanding of the GDR’s history might feel cut adrift as the films, many without sound, scan city streets, parks, highways, monuments, etc. Human experience is fragmented; people’s memories are never as precise and they might think; imagination seeps in, people remember the good and suppress or embellish the bad.
The Pandemic Brain Drain
by Precious McKenzie

If we have learned nothing else from the COVID-19 pandemic thus far it is that, in addition to solid public health systems, we need the arts and humanities. And we need them desperately. To tell our stories. To bring us closer together. To help us fight for justice. To help us take care of one another. To entertain us. To let us sing. And dance. And make art. Even in isolation. The humanities and arts are the very life blood of who we are as a nation. Our democracy. Our hearts. Our souls. Our very survival.
Response to “Using Outreach Weeks to Examine Labor, Assessment and Value in Open Advocacy” by R. Champieux, C. Thomas, & A. Versluis
by Elizabeth Batte

This article is specifically geared towards those who work on open access advocacy initiatives and encourages them to take a step back to evaluate their labor in outreach weeks. For those of us in library science, outreach weeks are very common for almost every specialty of librarianship. That can include archives, K-12 literacy, national library week, museums or others. Success is often measured by attendance but not the actual labor put into the events during outreach weeks. The outreach week the authors chose to focus on was Open Access (OA) week. 
Eyewitness on CHENREC Medical Mission
by Biko Agozino (originally published by Community Health Education Nutrition Research Inc.)
The Humanities in American Life: At a Glance
Nov. 2020, published by the American Academy of Arts & Sciences

"The Survey of the Humanities in American Life is a first-of-its-kind nationally representative survey of Americans about their engagement with and perception of the humanities."
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