We are pleased to introduce a new feature within your Assured Performance ShopOps Account ...
You Can Now Offer Invoicing for Every Certified Repair.

Just as Certified Repairs changed the landscape of the collision repair industry, ShopOps now offers Certified Repair Invoicing that is fully integrated with your Estimating System (ES). The next time you offer a Certified Repair, make sure that your invoice is as professional as the fully documented repair that you provide! ShopOps' Invoicing for Certified Repairs provides you with a customer-friendly way to select & present line item data that reflects the completed repair. This allows you to highlight quality OEM parts use ... and more!

While members of our Certified Network already have access to the latest and greatest business management tools, including Certified Logos, Document Manager, On Demand Marketing (ODM), Landing Pages, and Press Releases .... ShopOps’ built-in invoicing provides additional clarity to the Certified Repair Process.

About RepairDOC Invoicing:

  • Showcase OE Parts Use & Certified Data.
  • Turn On/Off Line Item Data
  • List Final Repair Operation
  • Detail an easy-to-view total cost of the Certified Repair
  • List Description, Operation, Technician, and Supplement Data

How to Locate the Invoicing feature found within ShopOps:

  1. Go to www.assuredperformance.net and log in to ShopOps.
  2. Select the "RepairDOC Cert. Repair" tab.
  3. Go to "Docket History" and then select “Generate Invoice”
  4. Access the invoice under “Invoicing” or "Generate Invoice".
  5. Print & provide the invoice to customer alongside their "Certified Repair," "Authenticity," and/or Compliance Certificate.
Certified Invoice Found in ShopOps!
Certified Invoice (Cont.)
Ready to create and download an invoice for your customers? Follow the steps above! If you need help with any aspect of your Account Management, call (949) 221-0010 or connect via email. We can provide you with personalized assistance and come up with a plan to maximize the benefits that help your business the most!

We look forward to hearing from you,

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