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Are the Stills from a Film Production Anything to Write Home About?   
If you wanted some "lite" news last week in the midst of all the serious, scary stories, you might have done what I did to distract myself: pore over the Oscar nominations which were announced last Thursday.

I'm kind of embarrassed to admit it, but every year I make a huge effort to see all of the movies nominated for best production, director, actor/actress, and supporting actor/actress before the awards night in late Feb. I'm not exactly sure why I do that. It's not like I go to some great Oscar night party and put money on predicting the winners along with several friends. Nor have I ever actually been at the Oscar awards. The closest I ever came was the time an acquaintance of mine went with Keanu Reeves, and I actually got a brief glimpse of her during the broadcast. Not exactly what anyone would call "being there."

Oscars aside, it hardly needs to be said that film companies put a lot of effort into marketing their new films. From ads on TV to the trailers in the movie theaters to the publicity posters and beyond, if you manage to move through your day with your eyes open, it's hard to miss the marketing for at least one film every day.

Personally, I think the best ads are those which show a still photo from the movie set. And I don't mean a photo pulled directly from the video. Those tend to be grainy and out of focus at best and poorly composed at worst.

Enter the still photographer, and all of a sudden you have a sharp, suberbly composed and impactful image to splash all over your advertising media.

So, it's the perfect time to bring out our own Jon Love's images for an Australian film, "Ruben Guthrie" (in post-production now). It's the adaptation of a play by Brendan Cowell which tells the story of an ad agency creative director who decides to take a year off from drinking and joins AA. The film revolves around how he handles the resulting conflicts and transformations in his relationships and life events. Sort of like Don Draper Hits the Big Screen.

At any rate, here are some of the stills that Jon shot. Who knows? Maybe one will be chosen as the movie's publicity shot.

To see all the above photos in a larger format, click here.

You won't see "Ruben Guthrie" on the list of Oscar nominees this year (it's not out yet), but there's always a chance for next year in the foreign language category. Astoundingly, Australian is considered a foreign language to the US Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Sounds to me like the Academy has some kangaroos loose in the top paddock!

In case you're wondering, who do I think is going to win? I haven't seen all the nominees yet, but the best supporting actor is definitely J.K. Simmons for "Whiplash." Go see it.

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