Seventh Week  ~  February 20, 2015


What is the purpose of my imagination?

Thoughts: When I use my imagination to make my life better it moves me closer to my authentic Self and my Higher Purpose. 


We become what we think about all day long.-
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Envisioning Power

Kelly McGonigal; health psychologist, meditation practitioner and author of "The Neuroscience of Change"; is an advocate for re-imagining how we interpret the way that stress impacts our body, mind, and spirit. Let's incorporate this notion into your meditation practice each day this week.

Kelly McGonigal's Tedtalk "How to Make Stress your Friend" 



Envision the experience of stress as signs that your body is "energized and is preparing you to meet a challenge. I want you to "rethink your stress response as being helpful; your pounding heart is preparing you for action. If you're breathing faster, it's no problem. It's getting more oxygen to your brain." *


* reference Kelly McGonigal's Tedtalk

From the author: Bruce Wayne McLellan

Here is poetry that explores spirituality as it exists and is expressed within the sacred realm of Nature. Some use these poems to set a contemplative tone prior to their daily meditation practice. Purchase this book

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