One Week until the Colorado Indian Market
It may still be snowing here, but we are packing the van and wrapping paintings and bronzes for the trip. I've made the last foundry run and I will be bringing the newest sculpture CADENCE as well as the now cast SLICK, my life sized otter. (I like him so well I'm bringing casting numbers 2 and 3, first come gets to choose which they like better, there are always slight differences you know).

CADENCE pairs beautifully with CLASSIC, shown above. I'm also bringing STAY THERE my life sized fawn, this year it is a brilliant classic ferric red patina that adds a new and different dimension to the sculpture. I really like it this way, too.

Oh my, six inches of snow already and more expected. At least the previous snowfalls have slid off the roofs so we shouldn't have to climb up and shovel them off. Yes I know the snow is supposed to slide off but some times it just doesn't get the memo. We are going to have lots of firewood next summer to cut, there are downed trees all over the place. Any of them that aren't across the driveway can wait. Except the one that was cracked and leaning toward the studio. That one took a skidster, a boom truck and a skilled arborist to handle just before Christmas. It has been an interesting winter.
Introducing CADENCE

Limited Edition of 30

T Kurtz's newest lovely pastel aspens. She captures the
shimmer as they grace our forests.

We look forward to seeing our friends in Denver. But if you have any questions, please give us a call or email.
See you there!
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