Foot & Ankle Biologics
On Thursday, Team Lattice Biologics descended upon The Podiatry Institute's   Update 2016 event: Reconstructive Surgery of the Foot & Ankle in San Diego to exchange notes with the industry's best and brightest.

Lattice SAB member, Dr. Daniel Schulman met with other podiatrists and experts at the event and helped us unveil our new Schulman Pins.

See the exciting results he has been achieving with the new pins in two case studies provided below.

Comprehensive solutions for a wide variety of foot and ankle indications

Case Studies in Podiatry case
Usage of the New Schulman Cortical Bone Pins in an Austin/Valenti/Akin Bunionectomy
Usage of the New Schulman Cortical Bone Pins in a Lapidus Bunionectomy
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