The Parent Support team is deeply appreciative of the families we've had the privilege to support and connect with over the past year. You have left an indelible mark on our hearts, and we are sincerely thankful for the way you've touched our lives. We cannot wait for more connections, events, and meaningful conversations. May November and the upcoming holiday season bring warmth and joy to your lives.

We asked some of our team to tell us why they are grateful for our Parent Support families. Here is what the team had to say:

"I am grateful for our families because they inspire us by investing in our most precious resource." - Tom Wetzel, Parent Support Manager

"I am grateful for their willingness to teach us about their children and their cultures. I learn and grow daily due to my experiences with those involved in the Parent Support programs." - Maggie VanDyne, Parent Support Supervisor

"I am grateful for their openness in sharing their vulnerability and engaging in heartfelt conversations about their parenting needs and our supportive services, especially in a world where personal discussions may be shied away from." - Rachel Napolitano, Community Liaison

"I am grateful because they trust the Parent Support Department's programming and professionals to positively impact their lives." - Jerrold Nash, Fatherhood Coordinator

"I am grateful because they inspire me to make a concerted effort at being the best parent I can be for my children." - Amber Gooden, Positive Parenting Coordinator

"I am grateful because they share a little slice of their lives with us every single day." - Heather Sakai, Social Media Engagement Coordinator

November is National Native American Heritage Month.

Declared a federal event in 1990, we observe Native American Heritage Month in November to recognize the achievements and contributions of Native Americans. In honor of this, we suggest reading books by and about Indigenous Peoples with your children to gain insights into their heritage and culture.

My Heart Fills with Happiness by Monique Gray Smith (pictured to the left, recommended for infants/toddlers)

Sweetest Kulu, "Dream a little, Kulu, this world now sings a most beautiful song of you." - a beautiful bedtime poem by Inuit throat singer Celina Kalluk

(recommended for infants and toddlers)

We are Grateful: Otsaliheliga by Traci Sorell: This picture book acquaints readers with 'otsaliheliga,' the Cherokee Nation's expression of gratitude.

(recommended for ages 3-7)

Loaf the Cat Goes to the Powwow, by Nicholas DeShaw: At his inaugural powwow, a Native American boy's cat companion takes him by surprise, turning the dance into a truly exceptional moment! (recommended for ages 3-7)

November is National Adoption Month.

This month helps spread awareness and encourages all of us to learn about adoption and raise awareness of the more than 114,000 children and teens who are waiting to be adopted. Every story has the power to inspire and educate. Learn more about adoption over on our social media channels this month.

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An international, evidence-based parenting program offering practical strategies

and support for everyday parenting challenges. 

Managing Fighting & Aggression

Join one of four Triple P Discussion Groups throughout November.

This month, we will discuss how to take the fight out of aggressive child behavior, instead turning it into assertive behavior that doesn't involve hurting others.

Our sessions are designed to empower parents with invaluable skills and proven strategies, enabling them to adeptly address aggressive behavior as it arises or effectively diminish its impact on older children.

Cleveland Public Library:

South Brooklyn Branch

Tuesday, November 14

10:00am – Noon

Cleveland Public Library:

Lorain Branch

Friday, November 17

Noon – 2:00pm

Cleveland Public Library:

Brook Park Branch

Saturday, November 18

10:30am – 12:30pm

Cleveland Public Library:

South Brooklyn Branch

Tuesday, November 21

10:00am – 2:00pm

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Meet our Parent Ambassador, Karen Wells

Karen became a cherished member of the Bright Beginnings family by way of our vibrant Facebook community, Cuyahoga Parents Connect. She assumed her current role of Parent Ambassador within Cuyahoga Parents Connect, driven by her incredible ability to forge genuine connections among parents. She has a particular interest in connecting with parents navigating the challenges of children with special needs, much like herself. Karen's two-year-old daughter, Vivian, was recently diagnosed with a rare genetic condition, which prompted her to secure the very best support and resources to enrich her daughter's life to the fullest.

Drawing from her extensive background in customer service and banking, Karen brings valuable expertise to her role within CPC. Furthermore, she is currently in the midst of a transition into human services, where her skills and passion are poised to make a significant impact. We're so excited to have you on our team, Karen!

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