The FIRST RELIC RECOVERY season is definitely in full swing now! We're starting to see teaser videos from teams claiming full ciphers in a minute and change, and we know those times are only going to go down as the season progresses.  This game is going to be a ton of fun to watch for sure.
It's not too late to get your FIRST RELIC RECOVERY field!

We know a lot of you already have your field sets and have been prototyping and practicing furiously. But we also know FIRST Tech Challenge teams that start up after Kickoff, which is challenge enough.

Fear not, you can still order an official FIRST RELIC RECOVERY game field so you can practice on an official set of glyphs, a relic, a balancing stone, and a cryptobox! Official game sets start at just $130 for a quarter-field set without the recovery zone mat, making this affordable to teams with even the smallest of budgets.

We also offer the official soft tiles that make up the field floor.  Robots do behave differently on different floor surfaces, so you'll definitely want at least a few to practice on!
In Praise of Green Grippy Tread

Green Grippy Tread is a secret weapon of many FIRST  Tech Challenge teams, as the material provides excellent grip on foam soft tiles without an aggressive tread pattern that would damage it.

It was originally seen on drivetrains, and we fully expect to see it factor into at least a few intakes or conveyor mechanisms this year!

Our 4" Performance Wheel features a unique attachment mechanism for this kind of tread, or you can use alligator clips to join them together and form loops for your own custom application. Either way, we think you'll like it!
What's on Deal of the Day next week?

We've got parts for robots big and small, all on sale for one day a piece!  Here's what we've got planned for next week, so mark your calendar now.

Friday 11/3:  Targeting Light (am-3418)
We're here to help!

If you have questions about our products, we're here five days a week with hundreds of years of combined FIRST  experience--don't hesitate to give us a call or an email .  Keep checking our  new products page  for fresh releases, and be sure to check each day for our Deal of the Day .  You never know when you're going to find a steal!