April 8, 2020

Ann Ali

Ann Ali, campaign manager for Republican candidate for Governor Woody Thrasher:

"Jim Justice can’t even stay focused on his job as governor during a global health crisis.

"While he says he cuts off important questions about the Coronavirus each day, Justice found time to broker a deal with our state lottery system to help his campaign strategist and top donor , Larry Puccio , former chairman of the state Democrat Party. Their plan to let the international gaming company Puccio represents begin taking bets on U.S. elections isn't even allowed under the law.

“And the self-dealing doesn’t stop there. Justice's scheme would have directly benefitted the casino at The Greenbrier, which he refused to put in a blind trust like he promised us all four years ago.

“We just can’t trust Jim Justice to put West Virginians first.”

Paid for by Woody Thrasher for Governor 2020