April 2021
Our goal for the campaign is $60,000 and already there is good news! For the last six weeks we have been contacting contributors who believe strongly in the work of MSJC. These leaders have already pledged over $30,000! That’s a tremendous start, but it still leaves us with almost half of our goal still to be raised.
Please join with the Hirt’s and help us Forge a Future for Justice by making a three-year pledge on our donor site - www.msjc.net/campaign. Your support will enable us to expand our issue teams, offer more virtual and in-person events including retreats and conferences, support the advocacy and educational work of our issue teams, sponsor MSJC-connected people to attend a variety of social justice trainings, and expand our staff support.
Questions about this campaign or about your gift? Contact Jim Vogt at jimvogt2@yahoo.com.
Racial Justice and the Call of Discipleship
WHEN: Tuesday, April 20
Featuring Fr. Bryan Massingale
Click here for more information and to register.
21-day Environmental Justice Challenge
WHEN: April 23 - May 16 
Walk with other Catholics as we learn, pray, and take action for environmental justice. 
Click here for details.
World Day of Prayer for Vocations - Prayer for Women
WHEN: Sunday, April 25
The Women and Justice Team asks you to pray that the Church recognizes the gifts of all her members as we pray for an increase in vocations.
  • For women who are already engaged in diaconal ministry in the Church; that they have the strength to continue to say yes to God’s call and will have the opportunity to be ordained as deacons, if this is God’s desire. We pray to the Lord…Lord, hear our prayer.
  • For Pope Francis and all the bishops, that they have wisdom and courage to prayerfully respond to the needs of the Church, especially through discernment about the ordination of women to the diaconate. We pray to the Lord...Lord, hear our prayer.
Sustaining and Nurturing the Fragility of Life
WHEN: Saturday morning, May 8
Lay Marianist and theologian Dr. Neomi De Anda will explore:
  • Life and creation through Scripture,
  • Pope Francis’ writings, and
  • Nurturing images of Mary and the sacred feminine
at the Marianist Environmental Education Center virtual retreat 
We’ll share indigenous perspectives and lament how pollution affects health and contributes to environmental racism.
For full retreat information and to register contact info@meec.center.

No one has ever become poor by giving.

Anne Frank
Wondering what to do with a government relief check? If you don't need it for necessities, consider donating it to MSJC.

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